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Any seasoned trader will tell you that newsletters are a pretty important part of your arsenal. Information is king! Their are however, thousands of stock market newsletters to choose from, so separating the wheat from the chafe can be a bit tedious. The following list contains only the best stock newsletters for [php] echo date(‘Y’); [/php], from respected market analysts. We try to only list newsletters or services with a free trial, so sign-up now and sample the goods without paying a dime.

Major Stock Newsletters


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Major Stock Newsletters Free Trial? After Trial? Comments
Benzinga ProBenzinga Pro Alerts free/14 days $39.00/month Benzinga provides timely, actionable trading ideas every day that help investors navigate even the most uncertain and volatile markets.
GuruFocusGuruFocus free/14 days $29.00/month GuruFocus specializes in following the trades of top traders and investors, from Warren Buffett to Bill Gates. Also some unique free tools here.
Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PlusJim Cramer’s Alerts free/14 days $29.20/month A simple yet powerful concept: Get Jim Cramer’s stock picks for his charitable trust before they air on Mad Money.
Zacks Investment ResearchZacks Research free/30 days $16.60/month Since 1988 Zacks market picks have earned an average +28%/year. Very respected and proven research firm.
StreetAuthorityStreetAuthority free/30 days varies Street Authority specializes in high-yields and features some of the street’s top analysts. 4/12 newsletters are completely free.
Hulbert InteractiveHulbert Interactive free/30 days $19 This is Mark Hulbert’s online, interactive tool for researching and rating the performance of other stock newsletters. Essential tool!
MorningstarMorningStar free/14 days $14.50/month Easily the most well known and respected service online today. Ratings on all S&P500 stocks, software, screeners, and more.
Niche Stock Newsletters Free Trial? After Trial? Comments
BioRunUpBioRunUp free/30 days $49.95/month Two well known and very successful Bio/Pharma analysts take you through the run up to approval process for HUGE gains.
Penny Stock Newsletters Free Trial? After Trial? Comments
Timothy SykesTimothy Sykes N/A $29.95/month Tim specializes in going short on penny stocks for massive gains. Subscriptions get SMS/email alerts, live chat, and video training.
PrePromotion StocksPrePromotion Stocks N/A $99.95/month PrePromotion Stocks specialize in identifying upcoming stock promotion campaigns before they begin. PPS provides live alerts and video training to uncover pump & dump campaigns.
Other / Misc Favorites Free Trial? After Trial? Comments
Day Trader RadioDay Trader Radio free/14 days $29.95/month We love DTR! Superb technical traders from NYC John & crew @ DayTraderRadio know their stuff. Free to listen, even after the trial!


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