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Advertising with StockRants

StockRants is an established portal for investors, day traders, business men and women, and other high net-worth individuals. Targeting our user base is an effective and affordable way to get your message out to the investing community.

StockRants Quick Stats

StockRants experienced steady growth in 2011. Below are traffic levels for the StockRants main website and forum area, as well as some quick demographics and an SEO report. Click for full-size images.

Traffic for the StockRants main site.
StockRants Traffic
Traffic for the StockRants forum.
StockRants Forum Traffic
Our users tend to be high net-worth individuals.
StockRants Demographic
Strong established search rankings.
StockRants SEO Report

Direct Banner Advertising

To get the best possible results for our advertisers we are partnered with Google’s Doubleclick Ad Service. Advertisers can target all of the best performing ad spots on StockRants at very reasonable rates.

30 day banner contracts available:

  • StockRants.com Main Website pool: $199

Your ad will run along with no more than 4 direct banner placements for 30 days. You can also target your ad to only display for a specific country, state, or city. You may run multiple ads in one or all of our ad spots across the website with these sizes:

  • 300×250 jpg, gif, png, html or flash banners
  • 728×90 jpg, gif, png, html or flash banners
  • 468×60 jpg, gif, png, html or flash banners

Other Advertising Options

We have other effective and affordable methods for reaching our audience including a direct email newsletter with over 2000 subscribers and an article submission service. You may contact us directly for prices on these campaigns.