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Default Trading between brokers

I am new to trading and i have some questions about trading accounts and what power do i have with them, so i have a list of smart questions and a hope i can get at lest half of them answered :)....
I have a little experience on trading stocks and it has tought me a lot about fluctuation rates, short selling and iam quit sure ill make some money after 1 years of trading experience

They are all about trading shares with friends.

1- Some brokers firms have in the policy a no donation share thing. In that case what are the available ways if i whanted to receive donations from friends who play the market?

2- Can I choose the person to whom i whant to liquidate the shares? lets say a friend

3- Can I choose the price I will sell the shares for? and also the person.
( this way I can solve my problem)

4-Just wated 10k on Interactive brokers... they have a policy where i cannot donate or receive donations of shares, does anyone know a good broker who will permit me do so... in the UK and or the US?
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