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Big Smile A good tool and a good strategy

I am relatively new to investing but I have stumbled upon a great book and a couple of tools that make it easy to implement. The book was the best seller Rule #1 investing by Phil Town. After several books before this, I was a little discouraged. The other books didn't provide definitive strategies. Being a software developer, I didn't like the subjective nature of these books. Phil town had a lot of great definitive rules.

So being a developer, I set off to automate the "automatable" (is that a word?) portions of the book. After about 40 hours, I came out with a complete analysis of the 8000+ stocks listed on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. Being proud of this, I shared the book and my tool with my friends. Their response was this looks great but why don't you just go to

Stock 2 own had 90% of the tools I was looking for and did it far better than I could (unfortunately). And that 90% is free. The 10% that it is missing is FINDING the stocks to do the analysis on. My little app is good for fidning that at least and was not a complete waste of my time. (although I haven't purchased it, stock 2 own does sell their analysis for the markets. I think it is $100.00 or so. I hope to get it free by placing this post).

At any rate, check out Phil Town's book if you are new to investing and then check out Stock 2 Own. Both are top notch from what I can tell. (my portfolio is up a bunch since I started 6 months ago. Not sure if that will last but it looks good so far). At the very least, the use of the MACD, slow Stochastic and 10 day moving average seems to take the guess work out of when to buy and sell. No subjectiveness in that. And gives you a great mechanism for monitoring those signals.

Also....check out these companies. These are what my little tool spit out. some of them don't have enough history for them to be really meaningful but you can look at them and determine for yourself.


(<-- no reason for that. I just wanted to put a bull in the post.)

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