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Default SNOA (MC $22 M) (Cash $13 M) Lots of Products Marketed+ New Launches soon

This undiscovered Stock is one of the most attractive that i ever recommended . Valuation is only 22 Million they have $12.6 million in Cash and they have lots of Products on the Market plus new Product launches expected within 6 months . The growing Revenue is likely to hit $16 million this year and there are only 4.3 million shares outstanding .This low float stock could hit $50 (= around $215 Million valuation) especially if they turn profitable which is expected for next Year .GL

Sonoma Pharma (Nasdaq: SNOA)

Market Cap: 22.1 Million
Cash: $12.6 Million
Price: $5.15

Shares Out : 4.3 Million


Fact Sheet

Driving to commercial EBITDAS breakeven, without dilution

Grow current product portfolio with all sales people

•Alevicyn HydroGel, Dermal Spray & Spray Gel for atopic dermatitis & dermal procedures •Celacyn for scar treatment
•Mondoxyne for severe acne –launched late 2015
•Ceramax for skin repair in atopic dermatitis–launched in April 2016
•SebuDerm for seborrhea dermatitis –launched in November 2016

Launch 3 New Products –our product pipeline –one every other quarter

•Launching Loyon–Fall 2017
•Ceramax in foam and gel forms –Q4 2017 & Q1 2018

Launch and Grow New and Current Products: During fiscal year 2017, we launched four new dermatology products, including SebuDerm™, Ceramax™, Lasercyn™ Gel and Lasercyn™ Dermal Spray, bringing us to a total of eight dermatology products for the treatment of atopic and seborrheic dermatitis, scar management, surgical procedures, severe acne and “state of the art” skin repair technology. We also obtained three new FDA clearances, now totaling 16 overall. Our strong intellectual property portfolio consists of 63 issued patents and 33 patent applications pending.

We plan to launch our new FDA approved product Loyon® (a skin descaler currently marketed in Europe) in the upcoming months and have a strong product pipeline of several product line improvements, including a line extension of Ceramax™. All in all, we believe this could possibly be our best product line of new FDA approved dermatology and skincare products yet, and we believe our innovation plan will help lead us to profitability.

Regulatory Approvals and Clearances

To date, we have obtained 17 clearances from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, that permit us to sell our products as medical devices for Section 510(k) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act in the United States.

Outside the United Sates, we sell products for dermatological and advanced tissue care with a European Conformity marking (known as Conformité Européenne or CE) covering 25 of our products, and various approvals in Central America, China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
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They got another FDA approval for a new Product 2 weeks ago for which there was no press release because of competitive reasons , and many more Approvals expected in Brazil this year and may in Asia as well .This Stock is more than terrible underpriced with a laughable valuation of around $23 million .

Management bought some shares in last days
SNOA - Sonoma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - SEC Form 4 Insider Trading Screener - OpenInsider

Transcript of the conference last week

Dermatology prescriptions filled for the first quarter were up 66% over last year and up 24% even versus the March 2017 quarter.

Our growing sales team now totals 30 sales reps and 5 managers. All reps have been trained, are out in the field generating prescriptions, and we are pleased to see the team hitting new weekly sales records for prescriptions filled at the pharmacy counter almost every week.

From a clinical trial perspective, we saw a publication of two studies, describing the benefits of Celacyn, our prescription scar management product, and for Sebuderm for the treatment of facial and scalp seborrheic dermatitis. Both studies are available online, in print and are great tools for our growing sales force when speaking with our customers, the dermatologists.

Our profit center businesses, which we define as our international business, acute care, animal health and our contract lab testing, are all on track for profitable growth for our full fiscal year.

And finally, our cash is healthy and we have almost no debt.

As Bob and I discuss often, it's a great time to be running this growing company with a dedicated team, all pushing towards the same goals and objectives.

Switching gears, a brief look ahead. Loyon, our skin descaling product, licensed from a German pharma company, was recently approved by the FDA and is on track for a launch in October.

You may have seen, we just received our 17th FDA approval last week for a new product and a new indication. For competitive reasons, we're not in a position to discuss this product or the timing for the launch. But suffice it to say that we should have an active nine months ahead with the FDA.

In Brazil, the regulatory equivalent of the FDA, which is Anvisa, asked us for more information on our pending dermatology products in the June timeframe. We've already answered their questions and provided all requested information.

We now expect up to seven new dermatology product approvals – and I'm going to repeat that, not launches, but approvals – specifically for the Brazilian dermatology market this fall.

As you'll no doubt remember, Brazil has become the world's third-largest market for beauty products after the US and Japan. And in plastic surgery and in dermatology procedures, Brazil is now the world's second-biggest market after the US.

Additionally, we have a handful of new approvals pending in the Middle East and in China. And we look forward to providing you with more information on our international dermatology growth soon.

So, in closing, we had a strong quarter due to our team's focus on our execution. We are well positioned for the remainder of this year and beyond.
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