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Default ENMD

Bought 1000 shares at 0.70 of this pharmaceutical company. It is just a speculative trade, as it is in a very early stage of awaiting FDA approval for 3 drugs. It seems like it is a good time to get in as the price is very low.

I expect the price to jump in the next few days when they present data for one of these three drugs (ENMD-2076) in the ASCO meetings on May 29. I, however, intend to hold my shares and wait until we get closer to a date in which the FDA makes a decision on any of these three drugs (from my experience, the price increases a lot as these dates get closer).

Just as a reference, ENMD-2076, which is the drug that's calling most of the attention of the three they have, is for the treatment of ovarian cancer and the FDA has granted orphan drug designation for ENMD-2076. This means that sponsors of this drug qualify for tax credit and marketing exclusivity incentives of the Orphan Drug Act.

More about the company on their website: EntreMed, Inc. Home
and a note that made me decide to buy some shares: EntreMed ENMD-2076 Phase 1 Data to Be Presented at ASCO Annual Meeting

Note that I am pretty much a junior trader, but I like risky investments that can be very profitable. I am basically looking to hear more experienced traders' opinions about this stock, as I am thinking of buying more. In addition, I also own CTIC, HEB, and ADLS.

Good luck to you all!
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Short term "clue": Last sentence of 3rd paragraph says "advance discussions with potential partners..". Simple logic says you cannot advance discussions with potential partners (plural), unless you have beginning discussions with potential partners (plural). THEY HAVE INTERESTED POTENTIAL PARTNERS. Extending that thought, large pharma corps (I assume large pharma) are interested in investing in one of ENMD drugs (possible bidding war--a negotiators dream) or more than one of ENMD's drugs.

Mid term "clue": Midway in 4th paragragh: A possible resulting partnership (plural?) will infuse the company with significant cash which would enable them to proceed with trials of other drugs (such as Panzem for RA) to possibly bring one or more to market on their own without sharing potential future profits.

Long term "clue": The obvious (justified?) excitement of results so far (which seem real, but could be hype?), with the necessary but probable help of a partner (or partners), will bring these potential blockbuster drugs to market(actually ENMD 2076 and Panzem could potentially be the biggest blockbuster drugs in the history of medicine).

Short term benefits: Increasing hope for patients. Increasing stock price for long term investors.

Mid term beneifts: Hopes for patients getting closer and closer to being realized!!! Share price beginning to skyrocket.

Long term potential benefits: The boon to mankind--Can you imagine?? A loved one gets cancer and it's controllable -- merely a chronic condition!!!

The boon to the investors in the science of Judah Folkman and ENMD..each and every share being priceless (currently obtainable under $1.00 each!!!!!==May 25, 2009!).

I'd say patients should have hope and long term investors should anticipate being rewarded for their patience....big time. This stock COULD be the biggest stock ever in the history of stocks.

Rocky I

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