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Fundamentals 05-14-2009 10:53 PM

Boys, my cousin works in shipping, more importantly at Alliance Airport in Dallas big time manager. Said Amazon down 35% this month. Nieman marcus, moved all their DC's to 4 day work weeks. Retail is going to get pounded. This tells me a few things, credit cards and job losses are having their effect. Second. Dow is going to tank.

LokeyRS 05-15-2009 10:25 PM

Fundementals, I can back that up. I'm a former store manager for Men's Wearhouse. During the summer months, our retail numbers always decline. This year, however, alot of my former associates, including numerous store managers, district and regional managers, have all told me the volume is really starting to die off.

All this with a buy one get one deal going on, promotional discounting and other deals.

Retail in our area is starting to die off again.

AndyB 05-16-2009 06:21 AM

Amazon's PE is near 60. If you buy amazon stock you are paying 60 years earnings for it. Its seriously overvalued. Agreed on the short call, just be careful, markets are irrational!

chuckd 05-16-2009 12:43 PM

Actually AndyB, My platform shows the PE closer to 47 not 60

As far as shorting AMZN, I think that you should have opened a

short position a few weeks ago when the share price was around

18% higher than it is now. I currently do not have a position either

way, but I LOVE using their site and I have found their pricing and

service to be the best. If they fall much further I will start buying

them long.

Warrenstocks 06-25-2018 09:04 AM

The telecom services sector will be renamed as communications services and supercharged with the addition of $FB, $NFLX and $GOOGL - three of the four FAANGs, along with $AMZN - as well as other companies that have driven the stock market to record highs in recent years. #FAANG:

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