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Mr.Index 08-20-2012 11:22 PM

We have new king: Apple takes throne from Microsoft
Well, I did not see this coming. And, I am sure very few of you could even imagine it. Near the end of the millennium, the giant Microsoft literally cornered Apple. Apple was just holding to some niche markets. The desktop publishing platform (printing press) and video editing -etc. were some cases we took resort to Mac's. And, those looked much more expensive than a PC. I actually thought this company has lived its glory days, and it is on the wane. Then, they came with little all in one concept of iMac. The colorful machines were seldom seen.

Then, the company fought back. They came up with Macbooks which showed how a laptop can be sleek and elegant. There was iPod which made the audiophiles go crazy. After that they exploded the nuclear bomb of mobile phone -iPhone. Everything is a epic journey after that. Every one went crazy for it -people lined up in front of their stores. People who have the iPhone, consider themselves lucky, and those who do not have it (like me), feel envious!

Then came another blockbuster iPad. It created the market for tablets, and led the way for others. The itunes has established itself as the synonym for 'online music purchase'. The app store is also a massive success.

Now, Apple has surpassed Microsoft with their Apple shares hitting $664.74 which makes this company worth $623 bn. The previous record was held by Microsoft when in 1999 it reached $620.58bn.

The rumour of cheaper asn smaller iPad has fueled the price hike. The shares jumped by $17 compared to Friday. Let us see how the company performs and defends its throne.

Let's see the chart. Trust me, it is going to give you a delightful experiene :-)[cash][cash][cash]

JasonViller 08-21-2012 03:26 AM

Pretty excited about this move as well!

Sitting on a few dozen shares of AAPL. le sigh, should have bought more (<_>) but oh well, that is life.

I wonder how high it will climb...

Mr.Index 08-21-2012 11:04 PM

You are one the owners of the world's biggest company
Jason, you are a lucky guy! You have few dozens! However, there is a big gamble waiting for you. The rumor goes like: the iPhone 5 is not going to be a big leap. If you remember, iPhone 3 to 4 was a huge change. Then, iPhone 4S came with Siri which compelled the crowd to form queue in front of Apple store. Based on the purported rumors on tech forums, this time there might not be such magic for Apple fan boys.

On the bright side, the rumor of smaller iPad has pushed the price up.[bull] If it is true, then it will be awesome and your price will be even higher. [cash][cash][cash]
If the rumor is not true, then it may be a bad news for you (and everyone else). [bear]

Let's see what happens.

Mr.Index 08-27-2012 05:35 PM

Apple wins the case. They did not get that much as they demanded.
However, they got verdict for $ 1.05 bil. and this is not bad. The stock price is even higher now. It touched $680.

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