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Warrenstocks 07-04-2018 08:53 AM

The Most Active stocks and the most anticipated earnings
Nasdaq, S&P500, and Dow, the major US indices, bounced back yesterday as the tech stocks rallied. The indices gained 1.65%, 1.00%, and 0.79% respectively. Despite uncertainties due to the trade war, the stock market has been active. The Most Active stocks are decided on the volume of shares traded of a particular stock.

Most Active stocks of Nasdaq & S&P500 index:

Micron has been the most active stock of yesterday with 38.90 million shares traded. MU gained 4.25% in the last trading day and ended the day at $54.48. Intel also traded 23.75 million shares followed by Cisco who traded 21.80 million shares. They made it to the list of Nasdaq Most Active among other major stocks.

S&P500 index gained around 1% yesterday and the future of the index is currently trading in gains. General Electrics made it to the most traded list with 62.75 million shares exchanging hands. Bank of America and AMD has made to the most active list with 52.51 million and 43.36 million shares traded yesterday.

Dow 30 yesterday's performance:

The Dow index faced a lot of correction in the last month and was down for 8 consecutive days. It lost its 25000 level and is currently trading at 24,307.18 points. All the tech stocks in the index closed the last day in gains.

Major Earnings in the next few days:

Major banks like JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and others are expected to report their quarterly earnings in the second week of this month. The FAANG stocks also will be reporting the earnings in the next 30 days. How do you think will the market go forward in the new quarter amid the uncertainties due to the trade war and the consistent rise in oil prices?

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