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dominover 11-05-2017 01:51 AM

Stock Market Price?
I've only recently realized that I don't understand something properly. Was hoping somebody can help me.

I understand that if all available willing buyers buy all available shares from willing sellers then that should move the stock price up or down.. This is where I am confused!

If there is only one seller of shares selling BHP and they are selling 100 shares... and there is only one buyer wanting to buy BHP shares and is willing to buy those 100 shares then if they are being sold at Market and the buyer is buying at Market then how does the stock market price for BHP move?

Yes shares are being sold, but they are also being bought. How does the share price move? Does it depend on who was there first?

OR... Does the price only move up when the seller will only sell at a specified price above the current market price, and the buyer is willing to buy them for that market price?

See what I mean T_T

dominover 11-06-2017 08:37 PM

tough question?

Let me put this another way.. If everybody bought and sold at the Market price (for a given price) (market order as opposed to a limit order), then I would assume the stock price wouldn't move.

Is that correct?

So if nobody places a limit order (specifies the price they want to sell or buy at), then the stock being bought or sold would not move in price?

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