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stockramer 06-03-2009 02:47 PM

Question on Stop Limits/Trailing Stop Order
Rookie Question

Going to be away from trading for next two days and holding positions in HEB and AGEN Just in case HEB doesn't get approved I want to put in a stop. Not sure where to put it though I'm in HEB at 1.06 and also 1.43. My question is where to put the stop so it doesn't trigger with just regular trading. Same question with AGEN. I don't think they should have any news coming out but what are the chances of it dropping big in the next couple days. I'm in AGEN at 1.01

Any help is appreciated

BuffaloBull 06-03-2009 05:54 PM

It's really up to your strategy. If your hoping to ride this out long term you may want to put it in lower but if your planning on selling soon then you'll need tighter stop losses to lock in profits. Based on the charting for HEB, it on a consistent up trend with an up down cycle. It has a pretty consistent cycle as seen in the chart. If you are feeling that its bullish and want to go long term I would put a stop loss at 1.79 or 1.78 as it is not a round number and is under the trendline. If you want to lock in profits then its your call, because I have no idea where its going in the long run. As for AGEN, its pattern is currently unpredictable, the best strategy would be to either lock in gains or what most people do is set a stop loss at the previous day low. so the low of the day was 1.60 and that might serve you well, but its up to you. Below is the chart for HEB.

HEB.jpg -

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