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Superforex 09-02-2016 11:09 AM

SuperForex as your broker
Hello there!

Superforex is a new brokerage company with worldwide operations. Since you may not have heard about is yet, here is a proper introduction:

SuperForex is an internationally regulated brokerage house licensed by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). Our business is dedicated to providing clients from more than 100 markets around the world with a large selection of financial instruments for algorithmic or self-trading, money management and investment, so they can trade on the Forex market. We are also the winners of Forex Report’s Best Newcomer award for 2015.

At SuperForex we offer you a wide range of trading instruments. By opening an account with us, you will be able to use more than 300 trading tools, such as currency pairs (including exotic pairs), CFDs on American shares, CFDs on precious metals, Oil, Futures on agriculture and world indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, DAX, Nikkei), among others. You can check the full list here.

Superforex 09-06-2016 11:21 AM

Partnership - The Best Commission on the Market!

Increase your income doing nothing.
SuperForex partners can enjoy the most competitive commission on the market - up to 75% on the spread. As long as your clients continue to trade, you will earn commission based on their activity. SuperForex does not impose a ceiling on commission revenue, which means the amount you earn depends entirely on the trading activity of your clients. We also offer you a sub-Introducing Broker type of partnership, where you benefit from trades conducted by your clients’ clients.
Don`t lose a chance to receive your additional income.

You can contact the Partnership Department if you’d like to learn more.

Superforex 09-08-2016 04:49 AM

Keep your money safe with our Deposit Insurance!

To make our customers feel safe while trading we at SuperForex have developed a Deposit Insurance Program. With it everyone choosing to trade with SuperForex can enjoy the freedom of trading without any worries of losing his funds regardless of transactions outcome.
The Deposit Insurance Program allows customers to insure up to 100% of their deposit and earn it back in case of loss.
Learn more here

Alan 09-08-2016 09:53 AM

Before that I tried a lot of other brokers, and all had some trouble of getting bonus without the deposit. Than i saw superforex i decided to try it. Today i had my 100$ bonus. So it is a rarity! I am pleased with superforex

Superforex 09-09-2016 04:31 AM


Originally Posted by Alan (Post 57609)
Before that I tried a lot of other brokers, and all had some trouble of getting bonus without the deposit. Than i saw superforex i decided to try it. Today i had my 100$ bonus. So it is a rarity! I am pleased with superforex

Thanks a lot for your comment. You can also try on our other bonuses. You can find more information about our offers and other bonuses here

Superforex 09-09-2016 04:34 AM

SuperForex Rebate System!

Clients and partners alike can enjoy an even better Forex experience with SuperForex thanks to our Rebate System:

Partners: Stimulate the people in your affiliate group to trade more by sharing parts of your commission with them! They will have more funds to trade with, earning you more commission in the future. You can set up how much you give back to each person however you like.

Clients: The money we pay to the partner who attracted you can now find its way back you via our Rebate system. You’ll have more funds to use in your trades as a gift from the head of your affiliate group and SuperForex.

You can find more information here

Superforex 09-12-2016 04:07 AM

Super Forex extensive Partnership Program!

If trading is not your game but you still want to participate in the world’s most liquid financial market - Forex, SuperForex knows the perfect way to accomplish that. You will be perfect for our extensive Partnership Program!

With 9 different partnership types and an active support program, there is something to suit every type of person. We provide our partners with a full set of online and offline promotional materials, information, partner-only privileges, and consistent support by our Partnership Department who will be there to help you every step of the way.

Learn how to become a SuperForex partner here

Superforex 09-13-2016 03:36 AM

Friends and Family Invitation Bonus

Trading can be more fun when we do it together - and SuperForex will compensate you for inviting your close ones to join!

Invite your friends or family members to open a live trading account with SuperForex with an initial deposit of at least $100.
Receive a cash bonus for each of your friends that register with us. You can refer a maximum of 10 friends. The bonus is instantly withdrawable!

Learn more here

Superforex 09-14-2016 04:05 AM

60% Energy Bonus from SuperForex!

With SuperForex you can take advantage of a number of special offers and bonuses, designed to suit all preferences and trading styles. For our most active traders we created the exciting 60% Energy Bonus - a way to get more money with every deposit you make.
How does it work?
Every time you make a deposit to your account you will receive a 60% bonus, regardless of the amount of the deposit.
Learn more about how to obtain the 60% Energy Bonus.

Superforex 09-16-2016 05:52 AM

SuperForex Trading Points Loyalty Program

To reward our most dedicated customers we developed the SuperForex Loyalty Program - a system which allows you to accumulate points and trade them for prizes.
The loyalty program is open to all customers who create real accounts with us. Upon registration all members automatically enter the contest and start collecting points for rewards.
Learn more about how the program works & browse prizes.

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