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Jeffbags 10-22-2015 07:09 PM

Long: under the radar: CDE.V (will soon become MKT.V)
Under the radar because currently considered a mining company but will make an Change of Business (COB) on Friday, October 23 2015 and become a Technology company. So the name will change from "Challenger Deep Resources" to "Deepmarkit" (ticker will become MKT.V during next week).

The reason I'm interested in this company is that I know a dev who works on the product. View Web site here:

To make a summary of what they are developing, you may be familiar with companies like Shopify, Go Daddy or Squarespace just to name a few. These companies have a lot success because they provide its client with a simple and user friendly interface which allows them to build and design their own website at a fraction of the cost. The cost is reduced because the simplicity of their platform makes the Agency "not useful" anymore to create a Website. So these companies can really reach a greater number of potential clients which have limited budget.

Deepmarkit is based on the same principles, except that instead of offering the choice to build one's own website, customers can build their own game from Deepmarkit's games bank. There is nothing like this on the market and I think it is a very unique opportunity.

Ex. I have a ebusiness with Shopify and I want to do a promotional campaign, I can use the Deepmarkit software to provide "scratch game" or "roulette game" to do promotion. I design the game and adjust the branding so customers could play with personalised game to get discounts for instance. They might have developed 8 different games so far and are working towards creating much more than that. Their platform will also allow set the Oddz for the Games, collect info from the customers and have a reporting part.

They only hire RockStar devs (who have experience with Riot games) and develop much deeper addictive games than a simple a roulette game.

Their platform will be fully integrated so that it will be possible to play through cellphones , tablets or computers. Their customer base is going to vary from one online store ebusiness(Shopify) to websites. Enormous potential market share in my opinion.

What impresses me the most is the team. These are the same people who created Chartwell from A to Z (from inception to the sale to Amaya). They know what it takes to make t a success as they have done it before.

See the team:

Among the shareholders, Till capital run by William Lupien own 10.08 %. Mr. Lupien didn't get to be a billionaire by investing in the wrong stocks.

2014 Online US Marketing Spend by companies advertising online : 50 billion

Product is released Q1 2016.


Jeffbags 10-23-2015 06:59 AM

Today is a milestone for Challenger (CDE:TSX-V) as it completes its transition via COB into DeepMarkit Inc as its the shareholders vote today (foregone conclusion) and by the end of next week will be Known as DeepMarkit Inc., and trading under its new symbol (MKT:TSX-V) with all traces of Challenger and its past life removed.

Next week is going to be very exciting as DeepMarkit is launched into the investing world in its full glory and that rare opportunity to buy a stock of this quality, with proven management ability, previous past success and mega upside potential for under 20cts (only C$19.00 MKT CAP) will disappear.

I'll keep you posted

Jeffbags 10-24-2015 04:09 PM

COB: Shareholders voted for the the Change of business

This means the change of business is confirmed and just a matter of time before the Ticker Changes.

The countdown is now on for the debut of DeepMarkit inc (MKT:TSV-V) as its launched into the investment community.

Investors now have days to take advantage at ground floor level by purchasing shares in Challenger (CDE:TSX-V) prior to the name change and forthcoming marketing plan. The company is not yet fully understood by the investment community but in the coming months that will change and it will become a Tech stock to watch and own.


Jeffbags 10-28-2015 06:20 PM

On fire!
40 % today.
Shareholders voted for ithe cob last Friday . It's just a matter of time before the tsx change the official name for " Deepmarkit " . ( Paperwork )
In short, a 40 % increase , name not yet changed and a road show which starts in early November for weeks ...

100% bullish...

This stock is doom to explode prior Q1 2016

I rest my case
I rest my case .

Jeffbags 11-02-2015 09:28 AM

start trading today under new ticker symbol: MKT.V
Lets see how the market reacts

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