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Benjamin Franklin 02-26-2014 08:25 AM

BBDA up 100% from last month
It took a long time accumulating before running up 400% in a few short days this month. It's consolidated and is accumulating up about 200% from previous lows. It looks like it's going to run again soon. Last time it ran it shot up over 4,000%.
Oh and here's my little paste.

$BBDA is warming back up keep your eye on it if it's your style pick. I think it could run near $0.05 this year before its' long awaited NYSE IPO. I think that this thing should hit the NYSE above $100M and illustrate upside. It seems apparent that revenues are multiplying and profits are being used to continue expansion aggressively. Look into it it seems to be a very efficient ship and it looks pretty obvious to me that the CEO is putting in a lot of hard hours for investors. This thing had to go through a ton of dilution to stay down here so this next big run it's going to be operating like a heavyweight - that could be a good thing for traders and investors. This is not your average micro-cap people.

charliee 03-09-2014 04:38 AM

Bebida Beverage Company develops, manufactures, and markets functional drinks and bottle water in the United States.

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