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mahmissa 05-28-2009 09:49 AM

1H09 Clinical Trial Information
Hi all- I am trying to provide some information about clinical trials for stocks trading under $10. Stocks frequently have big surges when trial infromation is successful, especially in stage III trials.

Clinical trial data dates are not fixed the way FDA decision dates are. They are estimates. I am posting information on 1H09 clinical trials in this thread. When it is complete, I will tackle 2H09.

I will keep editing this initial post as I add more information, which I will do daily. Please do your own DD.

LGND - Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc. - Google Finance
Expected 1H09 resubmission for Vivant to prevent post-menopausal osteoporosis.
Most recent earnings news:

MELA - Electro-Optical Sciences, Inc. - Google Finance
MELA has a binding protoagreementment with FDA for Melafindfind as a new diagnosscreeningnign for melanoma, which includes expedited review (180 days expected) for the company's PMA (pre-market approval application). MELA expects to file the PMA in 2Q09. On 5/9/08, MELA announced a $45 million CEFF (committed equity financing facility) with Kingsbridge Capital Limited which provides the company with the option to acces up to $45 million in financing through the sale of newly issued stock over the next three years.
American Chronicle | EOS Secures $45 Million Committed Equity Financing Facility
� Biogen Idec, Electro-Optical Among “5 Stocks Approaching Greatness” | OneMedPlace � Archive

MNTA - Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Google Finance
MNTA's proprietary anti-coagulate Phase II clinical trial results are due late 2Q2009. MNTA is the leader in deciphering and analyzing the intricacies of complex mixture therapeutics. Although complex mixture therapeutics account for tens of billions of dollars in annual sales, they have historically been poorly understood, preventing would-be generic makers from describing them in sufficient detail to gain approval under an ANDA. Momenta is poised to gain the first approval for a complex mixture generic (directed to blockbuster Lovenox / enoxaparin), with an ANDA filed for a second (directed to blockbuster Copaxone / glatimer acetate), and preparations being made for the filing of a third (specific target unknown)."
Wedbush Morgan initaties coverage, $15 fair price value aceuticals+(MNTA)+with+a+Buy%3B+Fair+Value+$15/4666608.html


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