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Default IALS could reach a new high this morning!

I feel so excited when I tell you to watch closely IALS this morning

All the stars have aligned on IALS and another breakout with a bigger momentum could make this one reach another high!

We already see IALS jumped another 10% at closing yesterday and the chart has built up real well on this company lately! Since July 18, IALS climbed up 100% already.

This company is absolutely loaded with profit potential and I have all of the details below...Begin your research right away!

IALS is off to another jump hitting highs of .24 at peak yesterday. That’s a sweet gain of over 20% in one day. IALS could be just starting to heat up! IALS released major news yesterday regarding 2 big acquisitions, Tech 7 Systems and T7 Acquisitions!

This monster play could run another non- stopped marathon for a few more days! Watch it!

About IALS

Interactive Leisure Systems, Inc. (OTC: IALS) is a technology company specializing in the travel industry. The company intends to purchase an enterprise software platform for the marketing, sale and management of travel product and to use this platform to operate three distinct businesses. Those businesses are:

1) Licensing the travel system to travel businesses who require the company’s state of the art platform to operate their business in today’s interconnected and increasingly mobile connected marketplace;

2) use this platform to operate its own private label travel businesses for those entities who want a complete turnkey solution to their travel distribution needs, not just a technology solution; and

3) to offer the combined products of its customers as well as additional travel products to affinity groups who wish to provide their employees/members/associates with a comprehensive travel program.
By using one platform to in effect operate three distinct businesses IALS will be able to maximize its investment in a technology platform and minimize the risk that a downturn in any one of its business areas will significantly affect the company’s overall earnings.


With its business model of purchasing already developed technology, rather than developing technology itself and by spreading the cost of purchasing and maintaining that technology over a large customer base Interactive Leisure Systems “IALS” can provide its technology customers with a cost effective, state-of-the art platform at a reasonable cost this allowing those customers to compete on an equal or better footing with their larger competitors. In addition by providing IALS customers with additional outlets for their products outside of their existing markets IALS can help its technology customers increase the reach and profitability of their businesses.

For its turnkey travel customers IALS offers then a complete solution to their requirement of having to enter into a new business with which they have little or no experience. This business model appeals to organizations that find themselves having to offer the services of a tour operator because of changes in the market but up to this point have not been tour operators. This business segment will appeal to visitor bureaus, tourist boards, resorts and construction project managers.

For affinity groups wishing to offer their employees/members/associates a special travel benefit IALS’s offering afford these entities to provide a comprehensive solution to their market with minimal work on their part by drawing on the large travel product inventory that IALS can provide as well as the expertise IALS can offer them in the management of this benefit.

IALS Market Drivers

Technological Drivers

Increased disinter-mediation of the travel distribution channels whereby travel wholesalers need to become retailers, travel retailers need to become wholesalers and travel suppliers need to be able to sell their products direct to consumers, bundled with other travel products without a middleman.

Obsolesce of existing travel technology platforms as cloud based solutions which can be accessed from anywhere on fixed and mobile devices become the norm.

Increased costs of development that preclude all but the largest travel organizations to support and update the technology required to become or remain a player in this market space.

Market Drivers

Organizations that promote their regions via web sites have come to face the reality that all the time effort and money they put into driving visitors to their sites are wasted if there is no way for the visitors to reserve their trip while on the site. This has led to these organizations to, in many instances, decide that they need to become tour operators in order to allow web site visitors to complete their trip planning on the web site they are visiting. Not having the staff or expertise to become tour operators these organizations are looking for a business that can provide them with everything they need; technology, operations, marketing, etc.

Hotel chains are resorts are realizing that with the proper investment in technology they can become their own tour operators and cut out the approximately 30%-35% discount they must provide to their existing tour operator distribution channel. All that is missing, once the technology is purchased, is the operational infrastructure to operate the business. While some businesses are willing to take this on as an addition to their existing reservations functions, other prefer to outsource the tour operations portion of the decision to a company with expertise in this area.

Acquisitions News

IALS subscribes to the philosophy that it is better to buy than to build, when it comes to technology. The company is constantly on the lookout for complimentary technology that can be combined with its existing systems or that would allow it to offer new products to its existing customer base. The company prefers to purchase technology with an existing customer base as that base is the best testimony of the success of the technology.

InterActive Leisure Systems, Inc. Announces Agreement to Acquire Tech 7 Systems, Inc. and T7 Acquisitions, Ltd:

This is big news and remember, it is yet to be traded on. We may see major excitement in the market today after this recent news!

So you haven’t already done so be sure to start your research right away. IALS is one company that is worth following!

If you haven’t already started your research, now would be an excellent time to do so. I said before that IALS could continue to be brought to your attention from some sources.

Continue to follow IALS very closely and continue your DD. IALS could continue on this great run this morning.

Check out IALS's corporate website here:
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Default Watch IALS could reach a new high this morning!

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