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Default CRGE: Hot renewable energy tech taps into mining industry!

CRGE will start is new chapter from today with a huge surprising new. I see CRGE a very high potential to become multiple bagger as the news is coming early this morning! Please put CRGE on your screen as soon as you can and see a new rally today!
The company has just announced the launch of its program to provide carbon neutral power to mining developments while supporting the subsequent reclamation of mining lands from the cultivation of energy crops selected for remediation. The company had already acquired an exclusive intellectual property license for the use of its first polyploidy (fast-growing) species, Marjestica, for use in India and Sri Lanka.
This license provides immediate access to the technology and knowledge required to advance the process of providing biomass electricity to mines and the development of unique feedstock that can be utilized for remediation projects.

CRGE is said to become one of India's largest biomass power generating companies and a global specialist in the cultivation and the production of sustainable biomass feedstock!

It is a real company!

The Who, How and What is Clenergen Corp?

Clenergen produces high density short rotation biomass energy crops on a commercial scale at a cost of production equivalent to or less than the price of coal, using a turnkey fully integrated agronomy and technology model that delivers a sustainable supply of renewable energy on a 24/7 supply basis.
The company has identified two fast growing species of tree and a strain of grass that can be cultivated on non-arable land to produce a sustainable, cost effective biomass energy crop. Adopting strict agronomy practices and fertilization programs, CRGE further increases crop yield by up to 20-30% the average annual yield per acre, per annum.
Please watch this video first:

Because the company uses renewable biomass, organic material derived from plant matter not related to food production, it is able to produce clean, sustainable energy without endangering the food supply. Additionally, unlike fossil fuels that only add CO2 to the atmosphere, biomass generates positive carbon emissions credits through the process of photosynthesis.

This biomass feedstock are micro-propagated at the company's biotechnology laboratories, so as to produce identical saplings that are disease resistant, asexual (non-invasive) and climatised. It is estimated that 1 MW/h = 200 acres of biomass feedstock calculated at 40 tons per acre per annum). By controlling the volume of feedstock, one can then provide a guaranteed 24/7 supply of sustainable renewable electricity.

CRGE is seeing an increased demand for electricity in India, Africa, and the Philippines, which has resulted in a surge of business opportunities for its operations. The acute shortage of electricity during both off peak and peak times is resulting in companies and municipalities turning to alternative energy sources and independent power producers to supply electricity. In the Philippines, the urban centers rural communities rely on diesel generated electricity and are experiencing shortages in diesel supply and higher electricity costs.

CRGE is intending to install its first 2MW gasification power plant on Romblon Island later this year where the government has already requested a further 2MW to be installed.

In Ghana, the large mining companies are being forced to operate for up to 12 hours on back up diesel generators at a cost of 32 cents per liter. Ghana Manganese Mining Company who have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a turnkey 2MW gasification power plant from CRGE, anticipate their demand will increase three fold over the next 2 years, as their mining operations expand their productions. Currently CRGE Ghana is in negotiations with 3 other large mining companies who require both energy security and control over energy cost.

India is seeing the largest increase in demand, as large manufacturers and retailers are moving towards direct Power Supply Agreements, resulting in electricity prices reaching 15 cents per KW/h during peak times. CRGE India has entered into a number of supply agreements including Tata coffee, Coca Cola and Titanium Watches.

Commenting on recent developments, Mark Quinn, chief executive officer of Clenergen Corporation, said, "The restructuring of the company over the past six months is now showing positive results and a significant rise in demand for off-grid electricity from captive end-users such as mining companies, while at the same time providing solutions to the remediation of the mined lands.
Not too long ago, CRGE announced that that it has entered into a binding licensing and joint venture agreement with FUTENCO AG after three years of development of commercial projects in multiple strategic markets. FUTENCO AG is committed to the development and execution of renewable energy projects and distribution of biomass feedstock worldwide. Futenco strategic partners include CIYCOR, a worldwide renewable energy and construction company, whose team has executed over $1.3 billion of contracts on behalf of the US Government and US Armed Forces in addition to multiple other private contracts.

While becoming one of India's largest biomass power generating companies and a global specialist in the cultivation and the production of sustainable biomass feedstock, the company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Aurobindo Agro Energy Private Limited to acquire an 8.5MW biomass power plant located in Klayarkoil,Tamilnadu. Following the acquisition Clenergen will be operating 55.3MW of power generating plants in India, with projected annual revenues of $50 million and gross earnings estimated at $12 million.

CRGE has several worldwide project!


CRGE has entered into a 5,000 acre sub lease located in Guyana (South America) to cultivate Marjestica and Bamboo. Clenergen Corporation retains the right to sub lease an additional 145,000 acres of contiguous savannah lands located next to the river port with full barge loading facilities to export of wood chips from the port. The cost per tonne of wood chips delivered to the port is projected be at a very competitive price for export to the UK and USA markets.

Eastern Africa

CRGE intends to establish energy crop plantations in Mozambique, Tanzania and Madagascar. The plantations will serve as a feedstock supply base for the export of wood chips to operating biomass power plants in Southern Africa and India. The cost of cultivation of energy crops will be low, since irrigation will not be required to cultivate bamboo and Melia dubia. Downstream, it is planned to install Rapid Thermal Processing Technology (RTP) to convert the wood chips into Pyrolysis oil and hydrocarbon fuel for export and blending with fossil fuel at refineries located in the Middle East.

Southern Africa

CRGE has entered into a Strategic Alliance with Energy Technologies (PVTY) Limited based on Johannesburg, South Africa for the purpose of installing Gasification Biomass Power Plants located in South Africa and in the Copper Mining Belt of Zambia. Energy Technologies have been actively involved in renewable energy projects in Southern Africa for the past 4 years.

Sri Lanka

CRGE intends to establish energy crop plantations in Mozambique Sri Lanka and export the wood chips to operating biomass power plants in Southern India The cost of cultivation of energy crops will be low, since irrigation will not be required to cultivate bamboo and Melia dubia.

With promising news and a strong management team, CRGE could be an exciting opportunity for investors. Keep CRGE on your watchlist and an eye out for more strong news!

I encourage you to begin your research tonight on CRGE by reviewing their website at, the company's news releases and most importantly their filings with the SEC.

As always trade with intelligence and remember to use Stop Loss Orders to help protect your investments. By using Stop Loss Orders you can help reduce the downside risks of your investments and increase their upside potential.

Remember, that day trading can be extremely volatile so be sure to book your profits when you can!

For now please put CRGE on your screen in the morning and watch for a sign of a RALLY upon any explosive news coming out!

CRGE is a real company! You might want to hear this:

Always do your own research and consult with your own financial professional.
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