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Arrow Empowering Alternative Renewable Energy from Disposable Waste (PINK:WTWO.PK)



MiV Investments initiates an independent company profile on W2 Energy, Inc. (PINK:WTWO.PK), which looks to breakthrough within a $23B bio-fuel industry, as a successful alternative renewable energy company amongst worldwide rising oil and energy prices. since the dawn of technological advancements, the world has relied on the burning of fossil fuels in order to generate sufficiency and reliability for our energy needs. Most fossil fuels are formed from the remains of long-dead creatures and plants. Buried over the course of hundreds of millions of years, these carbon-based deposits have been converted by heat and pressure over time into such combustible substances as crude oil, coal, natural gas, oil shales and tar sands. While this has proven to be a cost effective method within the short-run, at current rates, the world uses fossil fuels 100,000 times faster than they can form. The time for alternative renewable energy to emerge from its shackles as a viable and feasible source has long been overdue. World oil demand is set to rise in 2010, as the price per barrel should see $80. Furthermore, the Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Stephen Robertson has been advised by the independent Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) of their decision to increase electricity prices by 11.82% for the 2009/10 financial year. The reason oil prices would likely rise in early 2010, is due to the outlined production cuts by the OPEC crude producers’ cartel since last year. OPEC members, which pump 40 per cent of the world’s oil, agreed in late 2008 to remove a massive 4.2 million barrels of daily output from the market as it sought to prop up crumbling prices. The cartel’s official daily output quota has stood at 24.84 million barrels per day since January but analysts say that compliance with the cuts has slipped over recent months to less than 70 per cent. Amongst these difficulties, lies the opportunities for W2 Energy, as it has the ability convert the syngas into hydrocarbon liquids (ultra low sulfer diesel, JP8 jet fuel, and/or gasoline). According to David Freund, Vice-President of Business Development, they have been developing this technology for over 9 years and now feel it is the optimal time to let it shine for the rest of the world to witness.

Currently, bio-fuels are capturing about $23 billion of the $1.3 trillion spent each year to power our cars, trucks, airplanes, trains and ships. That’s just two percent of the market with an astounding 98 percent upside. One Brazilian company planning to spend $54 billion on this new fuel by 2010, estimating that the bio-fuel market is set to grow by an estimated 1000%.

About W2 Energy, Inc.

W2 Energy designs mass-to-energy plants which convert feedstocks into syngas, using patented low temperature highly efficient non-thermal plasma-based reactor technology. This allows the plant to run at a low cost and a profit.The Future of Energy - From Fossil to Plasma

Patented gas-to-liquid catalysts convert the syngas into hydrocarbon liquids (ultra low sulfer diesel, JP8 jet fuel, and/or gasoline. W2’s patented true rotary steam engine (See the “SteamRay” in motion) converts excess heat generated into electricity. The electricity can be sold to the grid, and can supply all the plant’s power requirements. Learn more about the W2 Energy technology.

The following feedstocks can be converted.

* coal
* battery waste
* municipal solid waste
* agricultural waste
* human and animal waste
* tires and plastics
* medical waste

W2 Energy has completed final testing of its first SEGS (Small Electrical Generating System) system. SEGS Photos. Also, the SunFilter Algae Reactor designed for the production of bio-fuel and the sequestration of greenhouse gasses, is now ready for commercial scale applications. SunFilter Photos.

W2 Solar is the solar power subsidiary of W2 Energy.

Visit W2 Solar - Home for more information.


W2 Energy, Inc. - Green TechnologyW2’s mass-to-energy technology can convert any hydrocarbon feedstock (including coal, municipal solid waste, agricultural waste and sewage) into electricity and liquid fuel (gasoline, JP8 jet fuel and ultra low sulfur diesel). Our technology filters out the harmful by-products such as hydrochloric acid, and makes additional fuel out of the greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides).

One 4 ton per day system including the NT Plasmatron gasifier, the Steam Ray steam engine, the SunFilter algae reactor and the SmartFuel gas-to-liquid reactor, can fit on a single 45-foot tractor trailer bed.

The W2 Energy technology is modular and scalable. Once proven at 4 tons per day, it can be deployed in plants processing 10,000 tons per day or more of any hydrocarbon feedstock.

Other W2 technologies include:

PAG (Plasma Assisted Gassifier) mass to energy reactor

SEGS (Small Energy Generating Systems)
Recent Headlines

* Mayor Craig A. Moe Announces City of Laurel Partners With W2 Energy to Turn Garbage Into Clean EnergyMarketwire(Fri, Oct 23)

Maryland has decided that it is better to turn its garbage into energy than to keep pouring it into landfills. The Mayor Craig A. Moe and City Council of Laurel, Maryland are excited about the opportunity to convert a costly trash problem into green energy products. With landfills reaching capacity and trash disposition becoming increasingly more expensive, this is a partnership that will not only save some of the City’s limited resources, but contribute to a cleaner environment.
“This is an amazing opportunity for W2 Energy to prove out its technology,” says David Freund, Vice-President of Business Development for W2. “We have been developing this technology for the last 9 years and now it is time to let it shine.”

* W2 Energy Partners With Toxco to Turn Old Batteries Into EnergyMarketwire(Thu, Oct 15)

TORONTO–(Marketwire – 10/15/09) – W2 Energy, Inc., a developer of mass-to-energy technology, and Toxco, Inc., one of the world’s leading battery recyclers, announce they have entered into a joint venture in which W2 Energy will take approximately 600 tons yearly of carbon cake and plastics generated in Toxco’s battery recycling plant in British Columbia and will convert that battery waste into electricity and ultra low sulfur diesel.

* W2 Energy Begins Negotiations to put Algae Oil Plants in the CaribbeanPR Newswire(Thu, Oct 8 )

he algae for fuel market is a quickly growing market. Recently Exxon announced on CNN and through commercials that it is beginning to develop algae production for the production of fuel in the US. W2 Energy has already developed the technology and expects to have several production units in the Caribbean by the middle of 2010.The significant number of sun hours in the Caribbean are ideal for the production of biofuel using the the W2 Energy Sunfilter bioreactor. The Company expects that the algae to biofuel program in the Caribbean will be a great success.

* W2 Energy to Demonstrate Environmental Alternatives to the Coal IndustryMarketwire(Wed, Oct 7)

TORONTO–(Marketwire – 10/07/09) – W2 Energy Inc., a developer of green energy, is pleased to announce that it will be able to offer the coal industry a viable alternative for disposal of coal ash or coal fines, that will result in the production of diesel to reduce costs while cleaning up coal fines at the power generating sites. Forty eight percent (48%) of all power generated in the United States is generated through coal burning power plants. During a television show called “60 Minutes” on October 4, 2009, there was a segment showing that there is a new problem emerging as a result of generating power using coal. During the generation of electricity at coal burning power plants, coal ash or coal fines are produced.

* W2 Energy to complete construction of phase one Algae plantPR Newswire(Mon, Sep 28 )

The first phase will be the completion of 20 Sunfilter units. This phase of the plant has an expected completion date of mid October. The Company will immediately begin construction of the second phase which will be the addition of another 30 Sunfilter units.

The Company anticipates that the plant, once all phases are operational will produce up to 500 gallons of fuel per day. Several companies are advertising that they are attempting to develop this technology to convert Algae to Diesel. W2 Energy has already developed the technology and is demonstrating to the industry that it works by establishing its own unit for demonstration purposes and cash flow.

* W2 Energy meetings in Florida produce positive results.PR Newswire(Tue, Sep 22)

W2 Energy’s marketing partner held multiple meetings starting from September 7 to September 14 with representatives from 5 companies and 1 government official.

W2 Energy recently announced that it had received a sample of high quality coal that will be processed in W2 Energy’s NT Plasmatron non thermal plasma reactor. All test data results will be the focus at the second meeting.

W2 Energy’s plasma technology incorporated with its SteamRay Steam Engine, its Multi-Fuel Gas-to-Liquid Reactor along with its Sunfilter allows coal to be processed in a closed loops system, producing Synthetic Fuel, Electricity and sequester the greenhouse gasses to produce algae.

* Interest in the W2Energy Technology Continues to GrowPR Newswire(Mon, Sep 14)

TORONTO, Sept. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – W2 Energy, Inc., a green energy company, is pleased to announce that it has received significant samples of high quality coal from a major Pennsylvania coal producer. W2 Energy will be using the Pennsylvania coal to show the industry that its technology will make 100% clean fuel plus electricity from the Pennsylvania coal.

* W2 Energy Updates Its Shareholders — Garbage: The Renewable Resource With Reserves That Never DepleteMarketwire(Tue, Sep 8 )

TORONTO–(Marketwire – 09/08/09) – W2 Energy, Inc., a developer of green energy, continues to take a very aggressive approach to expanding its product line. Garbage is like gold. Gold is considered the only real currency that can retain value. But gold reserves are becoming depleted worldwide. Garbage is in fact a renewable resource that maintains its value like gold and is never depleted. Garbage reserves continue to increase and are a huge benefit to anyone with a W2 Energy plant. Ultimately it is a very strong currency, when you have a W2 Energy waste to energy plant, because W2 Energy has the technology that works. The products produced by the W2 Energy plants will always be in demand. The W2 Energy Plant cleans up the environment and reduces CO2 emissions because it is a closed system. W2 Energy develops products that are targeted at small scale, low cost energy solutions that are affordable while protecting the environment. Large scale projects create huge environmental footsteps with high risk and high cost. No one knows for sure if the benefits of large scale projects out weigh the negative effects.

* W2 Energy Receives International Attention With Its Algae to Diesel SystemMarketwire(Wed, Sep 2)

TORONTO–(Marketwire – 09/02/09) – W2 Energy, Inc., is pleased to announce that based on the latest information released related to its Algae to Diesel Project using the NT Plasmatron, it has generated significant interest internationally. Several very interested parties have asked for information about costs and yields of the W2 Energy facility being built in Guelph, Ontario. The marketing team is meeting with these parties in Miami, Florida the week of September 7, 2009 to discuss commitments for the system. As well as getting paid for the systems, W2 Energy will receive a royalty from each barrel of diesel produced. Using the W2 Energy technology and equipment, the cost to set up the facility is reasonable and the paybacks substantial.

* W2 Energy Begins the Process to Become Vertically IntegratedMarketwire(Mon, Aug 31)

TORONTO–(Marketwire – 08/31/09) – W2 Energy Inc., a developer of green energy, is pleased to announce that it has begun to take delivery of materials to begin construction of the Algae plant previously announced on August 13, 2009. The construction of the Algae plant is the first step in W2 Energy becoming vertically integrated. The Algae plant is expected to be completed and in full production by the end of 2009. W2 Energy currently markets its waste to energy plants to third parties, and now the company will use its own technology and equipment to produce diesel for resale. The Company is very confident that it can produce the algae-diesel at 1/3 of the cost of those companies making bio-diesel by using its technology and catalytic methods, rather than methanol, catalyst and heat.
Experienced Management
Michael McLaren – President, CEO, Director

Michael McLaren has been in the high technology industry for 20 years his past experience includes a number of Military and government projects in high-energy physics, advanced robotics and weapon design. Mr. McLaren has been with W2 Energy since its inception and prior to that was with General Cybernetics since 1998 which was a division of World Wise Technologies Inc. Mr. McLaren has a Masters Degree in Science, Masters Degree in Business from University of British Columbia.

David Freund -Vice President of Business Development

After studying architecture at the University of Virginia in the 1980’s, Mr Freund began his alternative energy career at Kelbaugh & Lee, one of the world’s leading passive solar architecture firms. At Casa Blocka, Ltd., in St. Croix, Mr. Freund raised venture capital for the manufacturer of energy-efficient building materials. As an entrepreneur Mr. Freund established DSF Public Relations, a public relations firm, and The Energy Tree Group, a firm that promoted and raised capital for green businesses and projects. David Freund also has been named president of W2 Energy’s solar division.

Sigmund Phillipe Friberg – Director

Sigmund Phillipe Friberg earned a Masters Degree in Economics from University of Copenhagen in 1979. From 1990 to 2001, Mr. Friberg served as the Chief Financial Officer with André Group, a company established in 1877 and was one of the world’s big 5 in grain trading. From 2001 until the present, Mr. Friberg served as a financial & administrative consultant for various Swiss financial and trading companies, and an independent economic adviser for insurance, investment and real estate financing.

Pierre Besuchet – Director

Mr. Besuchet is a seasoned director of the company. He is a private Swiss banker and fund manager located in Geneva. In 1983 he founded an asset management company for private clients and has worked at that company since that date through the present. He is a director of Faisal Finance SA by Dar al-Maal Islami S.A, Switzerland, Indufina SA, Switzerland, Valor Invest Ltd, Virgin Islands, W2 Energy Inc, Ontario since 1994, Lundin Mining Vancouver since 1990 and Orko Silver. Mr. Besuchet attended the High Commercial School in Lausanne – Switzerland and the American Institute of Banking in New York.

Technical Analysis ( Click chart to enlarge )

WTWO has spent almost three months consolidating after a significant gain in price back at the beginning of August and now appears ready to climb again. The August gain expanded the price channel back to levels that had been in control over a year ago. Typically, one doubles the height of the previous channel and this indicates the new channel (Blue lines on the chart) reaches up to .046 cents at the top trend-line. The previous top trend-line is now the middle trend-line (Blue dashed line) and today the price clearly exceeded this line and turned this level into support. This move is backed-up by a strong increase in volume over the past two days. Now, the stock seems to be headed for the upper levels of the current channel and beyond. The sellers appear to have lost control and the buyers have gained the momentum. All this positive sentiment is backed by the standard bullish signal of the daily 100 SMA (Orange line) moving above the daily 200 SMA (Yellow line) back in July. The bullish signal is further strengthened by both these moving averages currently trending up. It’s good to keep in mind that the price has reached well above the top trend-line, trading up to .20 cents just last year (over a 680% increase from today’s closing price).

Overall Sentiment

With oil and energy prices projected to increase in 2010, as well as into the foreseeable future — alternative renewable energy companies will continue to receive increased transparency. Entering a $23B bio-fuels industry, W2 Energy should prosper based on its ability convert the syngas into hydrocarbon liquids (ultra low sulfer diesel, JP8 jet fuel, and/or gasoline). According to the 6/11/09 10-Q, total assets increased by $494,314 from December 31, 2008 to March 31, 2009, mostly due in part as a result of equipment purchases during the quarter. Any upcoming news regarding the partnership with Toxco to turn old batteries into energy, or the partnership with Maryland to turn garbage into clean energy, should spark a renewed interest in the company as investors await monetary compensation for the company’s efforts.

Disclosure: Long WTWO

By reading MiV Investments Inc. company profiles you agree to the disclaimer, and thereby will not hold Michael Vlaicu accountable for any transactions or decisions you make. It is up to you to do your own due diligence.

MiV Investments Inc. is not paid, compensated or in any way incentivized to report news and developments about publicly traded companies, unless otherwise stated.
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