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Default SPCL should be on all radar today!

Good Morning! Is everyone set for a SPCL day!?!? (Get it..SPeCiaL?). I see very big news this morning that could make a monster move at the opening bell.

Seriously though, this company has 2 HIGH PROBABILITY TECHNICAL TRADE SET UPS that are AS CLOSE TO A GUARANTEE AS IT GETS on the OTC Markets. Your timing could be any better for my new tip: Ticker Symbol SPCL.

Remember when "green energy" was all the rage, but still in its infancy stage years ago? Well, that is no longer the case.

In fact, all you have to look at is Tesla Motors for an example of how far this industry has come in recent years. Investors that got in TSLA around the $50 mark a year ago are now sitting pretty.

Tesla has proven that solar technology will be a major player in the markets over the next decade.

What I look for are opportunities that mirror success stories like TSLA, but in the penny markets. And we believe we have found the next solar energy pick that could take 2014 by storm.

Over the past 12 months traders have feasted on the growth potential of my NEW PICK, with the price soaring as high as 1.01 in December.

With our breakout solar play now settled around the .36 cent mark, I favor the timing of this alert to all members looking to capitalize on a potential run in the days ahead.

Because of this reason...
I am issuing An Immediate tip of the day for Solaris Power Cells, Inc. (SPCL)
Solaris' SMART-CELL "Passive Electron Storage Array" (PESA) products have the potential to replace numerous applications.

SPCL is one of the hottest developers of clean energy right now, with budding products in multiple markets.

Recently, SPCL announced the conclusion of their first (PESA) powered Electronic Cigarette - E-Vapor Device, that is a battery free product!

According to Bloomberg and Business Insider, forecasts project electronic cigarette's having a $3B market segment by 2015 with sales reaching 10-billion by 2017.

Looking beyond 2014, SPCL's diversification of "green" energy storage for both residential and commercial use could be a real game changer.

Solaris even found that LED grow lights can easily be run with Solar panels. Their Agra-Grow Solar powered system provides an energy solution when the sun goes down or it's overcast during the day.

This could provide a huge boost to the indoor farming industry and agriculture as a whole, or even the landscaping industry where plants, trees, flowers can now be managed more easily indoors.

And with a small dip in the price today, investors should readily welcome a discount price on one of the hottest solar energy plays found today.

SPCL has proven capable of large moves in the past. We could easily see a similar pattern this time around.

The last time SPCL traded around .30 cents it ran all the way up to .90 cents marking a 170 Percent Bounce for investors.

Don't forget to do your homework tonight and be ready for SPCL starting tomorrow.
So what do you know about Solaris Power Cell (SPCL)?

Solaris Power Cells, Inc. (OTCQB: SPCL) is a diversified "green" energy storage manufacturer offering residential and commercial users turnkey, renewable energy storage solutions.

The Solaris Smart-Cell is a 100% lead-free, solid-state storage solution that makes renewable energy greener and better by allowing applications to utilize more of the energy generated. Solaris Power Cells provides a PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) energy storage solution.

The Solaris Power Cell™ is capable of providing energy storage to applications normally reliant and equipped with highly toxic lead acid, nickel metal hydride or lithium-ion batteries. Solaris also plans on being a major player in the billion dollar global agricultural sector.

A Solar Energy Storage solution that replaces costly Toxic, Lead Acid or Lithium Ion Batteries and stores Electricity Instantly. No More 6-8 hour recharging delays.

Additionally the Solaris SMART-CELL Storage Cell never requires any maintenance and routine replacement like traditional batteries. MTBF rated at over 1 million Charge/Discharge Cycles the Solaris SMART-CELL comes standard with a 15 Year Replacement Limited Warranty.

I see some recent past developments- very impressive!

Solaris Power Cells to Develop Vape Mod Power Storage Solutions - Yahoo Finance

Solaris Power Cells Debuts First Vape Mod Focus Forum - Yahoo Finance

Lets take a closer look at these set ups on the technical factors:

SPCL reached the lower end of its recent trading channel today.
• SPCL ranges from the mid 30s to the 90 cent area.
• Last time SPCL stock was this low it made a 170% move to 90 cents!
• Same thing happened when it hit its low back in January and made a 200% Move.

History shows us, whenever SPCL reaches the lower end of its trading range it quickly rebounds to 90 cents. This has to be one of the highest probability technical trade set ups of all time! Traders have used this set up to put billions and billions of dollars in their accounts. It doesn't come along that often but when it does, traders jump all over it.

My Recap:

• You have a chance at some HUGE GAINS as this stock is in the lower end of its trading channel
• Ample trade opportunities ensured by the interest SPCL is seeing from an Awareness Campaign and a Great Story.
• The Stock has two surefire technical setups occurring at the SAME TIME and could make this the easiest trade you've made in a while.

So, there you have it, what could be the perfect setup for traders looking to make some serious money.

Get ready to book your profit with SPCL!

Most importantly, keep an eye on SPCL throughout the week and make sure you put this stock on your radar today!
To learn more about SPCL please visit their website: Solaris Power Cells Inc.- Solaris SMART-CELL a revolutionary Passive Electron Storage Array - Solar Energy Solution
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