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Default Good Experience with a Good broker :)

I have account with CMTrading and happy with the quality of good service I am getting. All orders big and small instantly filled. I made withdrawals 2 times to bank account, no problem. MT4 platform is very good, and no requotes.

I haven't had any problem with the broker and if anytime a problem occurred I would press the live chat icon and would have my problem solved by the end of the chat. I salute them for their prompt and efficient customer service.

The other thing that I like about this broker is its leverage 200:1, which is really beneficial to any small investor like me. The broker is registered with FSB, because of which its legality cannot be doubted.
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Forex Grandeur
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Been with CMTrading broker for 8 months now and never had a problem. I have found their support to very helpful when needing to get information. I have now opened a second live account with them. Highly recommended!
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Neha Agrawal
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Role of good broker is vital in stock market trading. Good broker offers support to each and every step of trading. Broker offers a platform which ables a trader to interlink with the stock market. I perform daily trading with a good broker which would be impossible without a good broker.
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I have a great experience with Brokers Analysis ( Compare Discount Brokers In India, Best Stock Broker Company ) they offers me low brokerage charge with good services.
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James Charter
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I guess it should be obvious when you said good to be good with broker….. Anyhow, I don’t buy into broker making all that difference. I do believe broker is something that we need to be very careful in selecting. I have FreshForex in my corner which I love and have every feature in the book, but it’s not why I am successful, it’s because I am good enough. Yes, it’s important to have reliable broker or else we might get scammed, but NEVER think it’s how you will be successful!
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