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Conversation Between fherrada and JonW
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  1. fherrada
    05-10-2009 04:18 PM
    Great!! I always love to escape from reality when playing guitar....You also have a great guitar to play on!!! I have bought 2 years ago an esteban, the cut out one and love plaing it but i am still learning, still hard for me to use the pick lolI am way to used to play with my fingers....
    Glad to see i am not the only one enjoying playing in the forum..:)
    Just remember, it takes lot of practice to succeed in anything, so never give up!!!! Time makes great players....
    Cheers mate....
  2. JonW
    05-10-2009 03:55 PM
    Cool!! Great to see it back!

    Bet your finger picking is way quicker than mine with that history. I'm in love with my acoustic right now - A Larrivee LV-03E I bought in Vancouver on a biz trip which just gets better and better the more it is played.

    Got 'guitar envy' of yours though!! XD

  3. fherrada
    05-10-2009 03:24 PM
    lol....You guessed right, that's me playing on a Conde Hermanos 1986 that i brought with me from France...I have been playing for years now as it is a tradition among my cast and family...I mainly play Flamenco as it is part of my family traditions...I will restore the avatar, i was just in the mood to put the Walter avatar for the week end lol...
  4. JonW
    05-10-2009 01:22 PM
    Hey fherrada,

    What happened to the cool red acoustic as your avatar? Been meaning to message you and ask about it and now it's been relegated to your profile pic - shame!! Always looked forward to seeing it when I saw your posts !!

    Guessing it's yours and guessing you play but can't see the headstock? Spanish?

    Been playing myself a few years - acoustic and electric.

    Hope you don't mind the visitor message - thinking of starting a 'bring back the guitar avatar' poll thread!! XD

    Chat sometime,