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Conversation Between AndyB and chuckd
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  1. AndyB
    05-02-2009 03:25 PM
    Hi Chuck and thanks a lot for the encouragement! I actually started trading the markets in Oct 08. I'm a masters/phd in maths/engineering so to me the technical side was like a dream

    -- What, there are rules to trading?? Great!

    I've been studying like mad and have been trading S&P in a simulator and with real money but low $/pt. Im still very inexperienced, however I'm getting there.

    I find the S&P and Dow are very chartable. Individual stocks (particularly small caps) not so much - they are more moved by fundamentals, news and hope. There are no rules to define the psychology of greedy/fearful investors. For these types of stocks the best way to time an entry/exit is precisely how you said - research and gut feeling.

    However for big-cap stocks that follow the Dow then you can get a good feeling of where they're gonna go from the charts. Charting is more successful and accurate short-term to give you a setup, rather than a prediction as well.
  2. chuckd
    05-02-2009 12:46 PM
    I think you are doing a great job with the charts. Its hard to believe that you have ben doing this les than a year. I use charts very little, I depend on my research and my "gut" fell about stocks. I have done fairly well but would like to get a good chartist point of view before I make some of my buys to add another tool to my toolbox. Keep up the good work! chuck