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Default Question/Into

I'm new to these forums, so this might be the wrong place to ask these questions. If it is, please let me know a better place to ask them. I thought about asking this in the question section, but I saw the last post was in 2011, so I figured no one goes there.

As a little bit of background. I'm one of the Co-Founders of Nauvoo Games, and the designer of a Stock Market game called Stockpile. The game is currently on kickstarter, and on it's way to becoming published. The questions I have, came up because of several comments I've gotten recently while playing my game with others. The comment were of the this nature "I wish this is how I was taught about the Stock Market." I've gotten many comments like this. Here are some of my questions that you might be able to answer.

Do you believe there is a market for teaching the Stock Market with a board game? If so do you know the best way I might approach those interested in using it?

Stockpile does teach a lot about the Stock Market, but that's not the purpose of the game. Not everything in the game, perfectly matches the real stockmarket.

How close to reality does it need to be to be marketed as a teaching game?

In Stockpile investor use insider trading. This of course is illegal in the real stock market, but it sure does make the game fun. If I try to show off the game as a tool for teaching. I don't want to make it seem like I'm approving of Insider Trading.

Anyways, Thanks for taking any time to respond to my questions.

Just in case you are curious about the game, here's a link to the Kickstarter:

Thanks! I'm not just trying to spam this forum with my project. I am sincerely interested in the answers to these questions.
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Default re

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