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Default Forex News Trading – Why should you NOT trade this!

Forex News Trading – Why should you NOT trade this!

Forex trading pair: GBP CAD
This is one of a good example which is worth mentioning.
Alot of people have asked me, Ezekiel – How do you trade the news?
My answer is simple: I rarely trade the news. and i go on by saying that i will usually avoid taking trades when the high / medium impact news is coming in 2 hrs time. And i would only enter the trade AFTER a minimum of 10 minutes when the news is announced.
Why people may say. Trading the news can make you fast money.
Yes it does. But trading the news will NOT make you consistent money. Nor will it make you a full time trader.
Besides its Risky and its like you are laying your stakes in the hand of god.
Forex News Trading – Why should you NOT trade this!

If you ask me, i prefer trading safe and trading with a plan. I do not like to leave my fate of the trade on luck by predicting the outcome of the news.
Which is why i do not trade 2hrs before hand for any affecting pair.
In the chart above, forex pair: GBP CAD
There is an upcoming news on the GBP in 48 mins time.
I spotted the pin bar before hand , but i didn’t take the trade.
Because Rule no. 1: Do not take trades that have news impact with a buffer of at least 2hrs advance.
So what we can see from the chart is that the market has gone wild, and people are expecting good news on the GBP which resulted in the spike of any GBP pairs.
Had we taken the trade, we would have gotten stop out and made a loss.
I hope you got something out of this forex news example.
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Great Tips, but as of my experience I am never afaraid of trading with any stock as I use an automated trading system for my trading. The system trades on my behalf and grabs profit for me.
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Using any forex trading software for profitable trading is good, but one must have enough knowledge and experience of analyzed trading signals, as well.
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Forex news trading is highly risky due to big price movement against the traders. Risk management is very important for forex news trading.
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When it comes to News Trading, it’s important to have clarity. You can do anything but news trading if you are uncertain, so that’s where we need to be wise. I always work with certain level of freedom to do with FreshForex, as with using their low spreads, no re quotes issues and best part is their Cashback facility, so that makes news trading a lot more comfortable.
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