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04-22-2009, 06:59 PM
Okay either you found us via Google or you have been directed here in some other way. Either way, we're glad to have you. :-)

Existing LVS Members

Please register an account (http://www.stockrants.com/forum/register.php) first. As we hinted at the new forum has a private side which can only be accessed by having 500 Reputation points. We decided to grandfather all of you in with 475 Reputation points. To claim your points you simply need to introduce yourself (http://www.stockrants.com/forum/introductions/).

Make a post and one of the moderators will adjust your Reputation score.

Refer your Friends

We hope you guys have friends you would like to introduce to the group. Between now and the public launch day on May 8th you may refer your friends to the forums here, and they will be given 200 Reputation points to get them started.

Ask your referrals to make an introduction thread here (http://www.stockrants.com/forum/introductions/), mentioning who referred them, and a moderator will make the account changes.

Learn about the Forum

Check out the General Forum Rules (http://www.stockrants.com/forum/stock-picks/announcement-forum-rules-read.html).
Instruction for making a typical post or Stock Pick (http://www.stockrants.com/forum/stock-picks/71-instructions-posting-stock-picks.html).
Learn about VIP Status (http://www.stockrants.com/forum/stock-picks/announcement-private-forums-vip-traders.html).
You might also enjoying reading a brief history of our group (http://www.stockrants.com/forum/lounge/72-brief-history-our-group-new-post.html).

StockRants is Still Beta!

While we have been working pretty much around the clock to get the website ready for you guys, there are a lot of loose ends, unfinished areas, and bugs. We will be working hard to clean up these issues before the public launch and into the summer by testing the system with our existing userbase (you guys). Please be patient with us :-}

Anyways, I hope you guys like what we have to start with here. We have lots of cool stuff yet to roll out, and we hope you will all come along for what's bound to be a pretty amazing journey.