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  1. How do you evaluate a balance sheet/fundemental?
  2. Market Manipulation on DNDN - Check it
  3. What would you do with only $5000?
  4. DSUP-Cant trade online?!
  6. Calling Sawri ! Where are you man???
  7. DJI Down
  9. Cott Corp (COT/BCB)
  10. I do know how difficult it is to sell a high flying stock.
  11. The Twins - FRE/FNM
  12. European Commission - recession news
  13. The S&P broke out over $900.00 - Now what?
  14. Todays Market
  16. Last of the Grizzlies
  17. Casinos
  18. CDR - thoughts on this one?
  19. Shorting Fat Turkeys
  20. Portfolio & Trading: Update 05/06/09
  21. VNDA - up 800% AH
  22. UK Please RSVP!!
  23. My portfolio...
  24. Buying OTC shares
  25. African Oil Stocks - Excellent report (Addax, Afren, Heritage, MART, Sterling, Tullow
  26. Alzheimer's Research
  27. Fannie Mae
  28. Racing at Ascot today - Victoria Cup (Off topic)
  29. Daily Research Time
  31. Suggestion: Stock Tips
  32. Naked short threshold? What's this?
  33. How do US traders buy LSE stocks?
  34. Online Trading
  35. Cape Diamonds Plc(Public, LON:CAPE)
  36. Day Trading Rules
  37. My Positions
  39. LON Picks: Calling all UK "Lads"
  40. Go Blackhawks!! On 2 Conference Finals
  41. Pirate Bay Founder Devises DDo$ Attack
  42. UK vs USA
  43. Opinion on BNK
  44. Annualised Returns Tool
  45. Equity Offerings
  46. BEAR MARKET - UK more danger than US - **Economy debate**
  47. Online Trading with Penny Stocks
  49. Dealing Diary
  50. Effects of Litigation on Companies
  51. PGYC
  52. CTIC
  53. Options
  54. need a penny stock for my $100
  55. Beta Tag?
  56. Any Electrical Engineer from UK??
  57. High Dividend Stock Picks Wanted!!
  58. Trading History/Statistical Software?
  59. Newbie seeking wisdom on potential strategy
  60. Option Traders
  61. Agriculture Stock Picks
  62. Evad'...sorry...Avoiding UK TAX......
  63. Calling all geeks!
  64. My Million Dollar strategy
  65. Free Shares Trading Strategy
  66. UK to get downgraded - Economic News
  67. Center for Research in Securities Prices Database
  68. Macke Losing His Marbles
  69. Russia Dumps the U.S. Dollar for Euro as Reserve Currency
  70. Penny stock investing..any winners care to share tips
  72. Sell US Stocks, Bonds, Dollar NOW: Strategist
  73. Sell in May and Go Away
  74. Share Market Anomalies
  75. Any other stocks like DNDN and VNDA ?
  76. Money talk seems to lose its taboo as economy takes downturn
  77. How you can recover your laptop if it's ever stolen
  78. For all you young BEAR's may I point out you have less time than you think you do.
  79. LED Free Resource
  80. Some quotes made by analysts in 1929
  81. The "how to keep your sanity" thread
  82. Looks like GM is down for the count
  83. does anyone know of any other trading forums
  84. does anyone know of any other trading forums
  85. 20 years old what kind of retirement should i set up?
  86. Canadian TFSAs. What's Available?
  87. Promoting the business centers through innovative strategies
  88. U.S. GDP numbers - decreasing at a slower rate
  89. Liquidity, margin and freeriding
  91. New guy looking for some honest advice
  92. Best vehicle to handle your $$ (brokerage acct, 401k, Roth, etc)?
  93. Is there any way to use limits and stops in opposite directions?
  94. Any data out there on what percentage of drugs past phase III get FDA approval?
  95. What's with these FDA dates being on Sundays and holidays?
  96. Great Finance Books
  97. Tools And Stuff
  98. Two Reasons Why It's So Hard To Solve A Redneck Murder:
  99. U.S. Home Prices Have Not Bottomed Yet
  100. My Positions (SuperFly)
  101. My Portfolio (ouch) LOL
  102. my portfolio
  103. My Portfolio
  104. My Positions
  105. [Learning] P/E PEG ratio
  106. Schwink's Positions
  107. Children investments
  108. Equity index futures: whazzat?
  109. Which stocks to go long?
  110. fda approval dates
  111. Strange company acquisitions to move up exchanges? (PSPM)
  112. Are you a socialist Nazi or a free market freak?
  113. Online Trading Community
  114. Corruption is GOOD!
  116. Hold Press "The key to trading: don't lose, says Trader Vic"
  117. Past FDA desicions
  118. Food For Thought: What EXACTLY Are you Buying When You Buy a Stock?
  119. Anyone here have a good grasp of Canadian capital gains tax?
  120. Traders - Song off
  121. Medical Tip...
  122. LIVE Huntsman trial video available online
  123. Madloch's Portofolio
  124. What's your take on the economy today.
  125. If you had some extra cash to invest would you
  126. Interesting situation.
  127. Am I missing something, where is the Edit button?
  128. penny stocks to play the dips
  129. SPNG Update Video
  130. Your Credit Score VS the USA
  131. Energy bill - benefit for energy stocks
  132. What bags are you still holding? Let's have some group therapy.
  133. CPRK Videos
  134. Holy Friday Volume Batman
  135. Astrology Charts for July and Intraday
  136. Help plzzzzz
  137. How do you trade?
  138. earn an income?
  139. Traders in Vancouver or Burnaby!
  140. Deleted?
  141. A free U.S stocks streamer?..
  142. China's Inflation Problems Give Me Worries
  143. Is this shooting star signaling a reversal, or wil
  144. Have Banking Stocks Joined the Rally and What Does
  145. Gold, etc...
  146. LBAS!!!
  147. CIT in long or out now
  148. The Dean Making an Appearance on a Show?
  149. Profit Taking Before Two Rate Decisions
  150. Will it be Gloom or a Boom?
  151. Hi
  152. Is the Dollar, S&P500 negative correlation dying out?
  153. Markets are in Pause Mode
  154. The Pull Back Continues
  155. Where to find stocks???
  156. ATVI - The Name of the Game
  157. 0.25%, Now What?
  158. Who (and where) is Sawri?
  159. One Day Up, One Day Down
  160. Tax question - gain and loss
  161. The Bigger Picture and Some Intermarket Analysis
  162. Need for frequent log in???
  163. Day Trading Ups and Downs CAAH
  164. Dollar Tremors
  165. Stock market simulators
  166. Wall Street’s third day higher, Currencies are Still Cautious
  167. Anybody think there's a chance in hell this day trading software could work?
  168. “Heal the World, Make it a Better Place”
  169. The Markets Are Tense Ahead Of Economic Data
  170. Bernanke Took the Spot Light
  171. Question restricted stock
  172. The Dines Letter?
  173. Stocks Lack of Movement Sent the Dollar Higher
  174. Largest stock loss?
  175. The September Affect
  176. So Far it’s only Classed as a Correction
  177. Gold Exploded Higher
  178. Windows 7
  179. The Dollar Stands Still While Gold Surges
  180. Can gold’s recent price action help determine breakout
  181. Commodities Jumped, Will They Continue Higher?
  182. US Dollar worries
  183. A Quiet Session, Get Ready For the Open
  184. Yesterday's Market Briefing
  185. Another 2nd Rate Decision
  186. 5 Days of Dollar Weakness, Will This Pair Break Out?
  187. Transportation Hits a New High for the Year, the Dollar Goes Haywire
  188. According to Some There Won’t Be a Trade War
  189. Anyone use Ameritrade?
  190. This EUR/USD Trade Is Nearly Complete, Is the USD/JPY Now Setting Up?
  191. FDA Filings
  192. EUR/GBP Approaching Target 1, Crude Oil Forms Higher-Lows
  193. BUY instruction mis-executed?
  194. The USD/JPY still isn’t backing up the rally, should we worry?
  195. Buy Oil: NE, CVX, PBR, TOT, RIG
  196. Investors Were Optimistic Ahead of the Fed’s Decision
  197. IPO Frenzy Jump on GAME
  198. A Sharp Reversal during the Intraday Session
  199. Currencies are Tumbling, How Low Will They Go?
  200. How to trade the reversal on 9/23
  201. A Look at the Dow
  202. Stock Price Dynamics - Supply & Demand
  203. Oil or oil High Beta Oil related names
  204. Equities Retrace, the Dollar Jumps Higher
  205. September
  206. Volatile Sessions Due to the Pessimistic Outlook of the U.S Dollar
  207. Currencies at Critical Support, Rate Decisions Ahead!
  208. Short term Top for the Market
  209. The Australian Dollar Receives a Boost
  210. Prosper.com
  211. A Mixed Day on Wall Street, Australia Shows Further Strength, Two Decisions Ahead
  212. What are some good stocks now?
  213. Rate Decisions Help the Rally, Is 1200 Points Wishful Thinking?
  214. A Mixed Day on Wall Street, USD/CAD Hits Target 1
  215. I still think Citigroup can reach $5 after earnings
  216. Earnings are Paving a Smooth Road to Recovery, the Dollar Could Fall, GBP/USD Potenti
  217. Stocks Climb on Earnings, Currency Pairs trade accordingly
  218. Stock Indices Climb to New Highs for 2009, The Dollar Continues to Fall
  219. Housing Data Disappoints, EUR/USD and GBP/USD Hold their Ground
  220. One Hour of Trading Can Change It All
  221. Jobless Claims had only a Mild Impact, The Dollar Continues to Show Weakness
  222. learning the basics of reading charts and tech analysis?
  223. Mixed Thoughts Going Forward, Momentum is Declining
  224. 1.5 on the EUR/USD, 10,000 on the Dow = Resistance
  225. Mixed Thoughts, GDP ahead, Euro approaching Critical Support
  226. It all comes down to Higher-Lows to maintain this current trend
  227. Fireworks on Wall Street, GDP Sparks Buying Across the Board
  228. GDP has a One Day Impact, Rate Decisions Ahead
  229. Stocks Find Temporary Support, AUD/USD Could see Higher Ground
  230. The Fed Disappoints Wall Street, the Dollar Didn’t Show Relative Strength
  231. A Higher Low - This Was What We Were Looking For
  232. FDA Device Classification
  233. Commodities fail to climb, Gold shows relative strength, Will $1100 act as resistance
  234. Unemployment Soars, the Dollar Falls, Investors are Still Optimistic
  235. A 15 Month Low for the Dollar, Stocks Climb to New Highs
  236. Tremors Around Current Technical Levels
  237. Ontario Canada handsfree driving law
  238. Asset Monitoring- Wealth Management
  239. The S&P Stumbles Around its prior highs, Euro Loses its Steam
  240. A good tool and a good strategy
  241. Stocks Surged, But the Dollar Didn’t Show the Same Intraday Movement
  242. BOCL - Nature Of Beauty Ltd
  243. Recomendations Tools
  244. MET - Metlife
  245. Needing HELP!
  246. Inflationary pressures increase, Housing data disappoints
  247. For moderators
  248. A Sharp Drop Leads to a Negative Session, the Euro Holds within its Wedge
  249. ENH - Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd
  250. 2010 FDA approval dates?