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  4. Video: Max Keiser Explains Goldman Sachs
  5. Video: Pot Smoking Securities Trader
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  7. Good Data Didn't Drive the Markets Higher (Video)
  8. Unemployment Rate by County
  9. The Fly On The Wall Market Snapshot: Feb 4, 2010!
  10. China Faces Currency Challenges Amid Signs of Inflation!
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  13. Talking Technicals Market Recap 3/21/2010
  14. My New YouTube Video With Stock Picks and S&P 500 Predictions
  15. Market Technical Analysis - 200ma Continues To Be Key Level As Spec Money Starts Play
  16. Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis
  17. Colbert Speaks Before Congress
  18. AAPL - Simple technical analysis
  19. Cambridge House Investment Conference Coverage 2013 - Vancouver
  20. Contrarian Credit Spreads
  21. Rick Rule Interview
  22. Bi-weekly dose: trade setups & lessons (long term holding)
  23. $CBI $RIG chart analysis video
  24. ECB Details Are Released, But Here's Where The Money's At
  25. Trading range breakout ENZN live example
  26. The HSY Level Could Be A Very Sweet Trade
  27. Not All Cloud Computing Stocks Are Created Equal, Watch This Trade
  28. Why Every Pop On Oil To $50 Is A Cold Hard Short
  29. Mergers Talk Monday: QCOM, AVGO, S, TMUS, INTC & More
  30. All That Matters Is What The Chart Tells Us