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  1. Long ASX:PNA - Panaust Limited
  2. Watch ASX:OZL OZ Minerals Limited
  3. Long HEG.AX Hill End Gold
  4. Long Intrepid Mines (IAU) australia
  5. Long Regis resources limited (AUS)
  6. Long Carnegie Corporation Limited (ASX:CNM)
  7. Watch 吉利汽车 HKG:0175 (Geely)
  8. Watch LEG Legend Mining Limited (aus)
  9. Watch ASX:RXL Rox Resources
  10. Australian / Asian Stock Picks List
  11. Watch SAY (Satyam ADR)
  12. Watch ASX:ARE Argonaut Resources
  13. Watch China Life Insurance [HK] - 601628
  14. Buy HKEX: 0684
  15. Buy 0246.HK Real Gold Mining Ltd
  16. Spec ASX: AXY - Atom Energy Limited
  18. Buy IDL - Industrea
  19. Watch NWE - Norwest Energy
  20. Buy CSG Limited - CSV
  21. Watch What Has the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Done?
  22. Strong Buy LFC China Insurance 2010 ESTIMATED INTERIM RESULTS UP over 300%
  23. Strong Buy China Insurance (2628.HK) 2010 ESTIMATED INTERIM RESULTS UP over 300%
  24. Buy BYD Company (Hong Kong) good investment?
  25. Strong Buy Trend reverseal to buy 1142.HK 0835.HK 8078.hk
  26. Spec BIG Mining Insider buys in Australian Explorers
  27. Short 初来咋到!
  28. Buy Procera Networks (PKT)
  29. Watch How will TEPCO Shares be affected from now after nationalization?
  30. Strong Buy Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd Aktie ISIN: AU000000CFU6 | WKN: A0B5G0 | Symbol: CFU Hsandelb
  32. Watch Last week gold high
  33. Hold KAR.AX - New Discoveries ?
  34. Long Healthcare / Bio. Still good value?
  35. Strong Buy Avanco Resources (AVB)
  36. Hold Rio Tinto
  37. Strong Sell Genuine Bank Instruments Such As BG/SBLC with Low %
  38. Strong Sell Legitimately financial bank instruments for project and trade finance/funding.
  39. Strong Sell We Have Financial Instruments For Lease/Purchase!
  40. Dividend Westfield Corporation
  41. Sell Project Funding and Banking Instrument Such As {(BG/SBLC/LC/DC/MTN)} for lease and p
  42. Watch Bellamy's
  43. Sell Lease option/ Outright Selling Financial Instrument For Lease
  44. Watch ASX Penny Stocks