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Default ADMP= MC $33 M--FDA Decision on October 31 =500%+ Potential

(ADMP) Market Cap $33 million--Cash $17 M --FDA Decision on Oct.31 for ZIMHI a treatment of opioid overdose which is a large market --company has already one marketed drug for the treatment of anaphylaxis launched early this year and partnered with Sandoz(Novartis) targeting a $1.5 BILLION Market .Current valuation of $33million is a PURE GIFT for this company a potential 10 bagger here . STRONG BUY SUPER AGGRESSIVE

Admamis Pharma (ADMP)

Market-Cap:$33 million
Cash: $17 million
Price: $0.54


ZIMHI (naloxone) injection

Indication–Opioid Overdose

Addressable Market -$330 million

FDA action date Oct. 31, 2019

SYMJEPI (epinephrine) injection


Addressable Market -$1.5 billion

Launched–January 2019

First products using patented, FDA-approved injection device
Both doses (0.3mg and 0.15mg) are FDA approved

Sandoz a division of Novartis –commercial partner in U.S.

Commercial deal terms –50% of net profits, upfront fee and potential performance-based milestone payments

Exploring potential licensing options for ex-US territories

Near-Term Target Milestones

FDA action date (PDUFA) of Oct. 31, 2019 on NDA for ZIMHI

Pursuing potential partnerships for SYMJEPI (ex-US) and ZIMHI product candidate

Continued launch of SYMJEPI in U.S. –retail and SYMJEPI low dose launches pending

Largest Shareholders :

Heights Capital...3.0M
683 Capital ...2.4M
The Vanguard ...1.8M
First Manhattan...1.4M
Morgan Stanley...625.7K
Geode Capital...337.2K
Carlo (Dennis J)...292.3K
Moss (Ronald B)...285.0K
GSA Capital...139.6K

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