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University Research Report Shows Positive Impact Of China-CAR Relations (Released June 2019)

*Please note that Axmin is majority owned and directed by a Chinese business team, hence the purpose of posting this report*

Note: This is a very long research report and only the briefing is posted.

In this article, we highlight people’s appreciation of the positive impact of South-South relations. This study is based on data collected from a survey conducted in 2018 with 624 people. Through this study, we study how the actions led by China in the field of natural resources in CAR have impacted in the country and on local people. We note that the presence of a foreign power in the field of natural resources is conditioned by the achievement of certain actions in quite diverse fields. Also, no results indicate that China has conducted many actions in CAR that have had a positive impact on the sample. Through this study, we show the importance of diversifying part- nerships through South-South relations. We found that China does not condition its interventions by political or social requirements. China’s relations with CAR, as with all other African countries, are based on the principle of win-win cooperation. Beyond France and China, this article concerns others states wishing to invest in the Central African Republic (also in all Africa countries). It invites them to adopt the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation in the development of a poor country.

Example of successful mining deal:

In 2017, the Central African Government and the Chinese company ThienPaoSarl signed a contract for five mining exploration permits mentioned above. This contract involved the exploitation of natural resources in western CAR (Krock, 2017). The Chinese company DEWEY has planned to rehabilitate school and administrative buildings, as well as the construction of new roads and a health center (Mbaye, 2017). DEWY operates in a semi-mechanized manner, the mineral resources (diamonds and gold) in the sub-prefecture of Gadzi (southwest), on the Lobaye River in the region between Boda and Carnot. We have seen a huge influx of Chinese investors in CAR for the exploitation of natural resources these last times
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