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A lot of new Partnerdeals on the way which means Upfront Payments to the Company . Market Cap of $43 Million is still laughable for this Goldmine .GL

Transcript Q2 released last Thursday

With respect to other BD activities, we're clearly focusing right now in the business development area on bringing in new deals. For example at the recent BIO Conference, we met with 50 different pharmaceutical companies to discuss partnering opportunities, and we're currently in discussions with eight companies that are interested in RIZAPORT licenses, 17 companies that are interested in our Tadalafil product, three companies are interested in our schizophrenia drug, and five companies have expressed interest in a deal on Forfivo outside of the US.

Above and beyond that, there are ongoing late-stage discussions with a global pharmaceutical company for multiple products with the potential goal of finalizing a definitive agreement in the third quarter of 2016
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