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Here is one of the reason why i like this stock so much is because of this thin-flim version of the Blockbuster Cialis which works faster than tablet . There are NO generics available on the Markets so IGXT could capture a significant market share with their better version . NDA submission expected in 4Q and FDA approval late 2017 .This Drug alone is worth more than $2 per share and they have a full Pipeline of Drugs which are close to Market entry .

Product :Tadalafil (Erectile Dysfunction)
•505(b)(2) USA NDA submission in Q4/2016
•Expected USA launch Q4/2017

Wafer Viagra For Instant Results One of the big challenges for erectile dysfunction medicine manufacturers is to quicken the time between the application of the medicine and its response. Men want instant results when they take Viagra, Cialis or Levitra and complain that having to wait as much as thirty minutes before the active ingredient is effective can burst the bubble of spontaneity and passion which are often essential requirements of good sex. Well a solution could be at hand following research done by a Canadian research company called IntelGenx who have developed wafers [like the common breath freshness ones] that are designed to melt on your tongue which they say will get the medicine into your bloodstream around 30% faster than by using conventional tablets. IntelGenx say that because the mouth is lined with tiny blood vessels applying the wafer Viagra here can give a very fast application of the drug directly into the bloodstream. IntelGenx said that they would be conducting more clinical trials to corroborate this and they hoped to develop a whole range of fast acting wafer medications to treat not only erectile dysfunction but also pain relief, depression and hypertension. Sometimes men complain that if they have eaten a large meal it can take an even longer time for the Viagra, Cialis and Levitra to take effect. If on the other hand they made use of erectile dysfunction medication in a wafer form applied directly to the mouth and therefore bypassing their digestive system this problem would disappear. Using a wafer type of Viagra would also mean that you wouldn't have to go and get a glass of water in the middle of a passionate encounter in order to swallow your pill. Wafer Viagra would be a much more discreet application of impotence medication and Ukmedix News will be looking out for updates on the IntelGenx clinical testing done on this new idea
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