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Originally Posted by jayron11 View Post

I'm curious if anyone could help me identify some analysis tools that can do all or some of the following:

- Establish filter criteria historically; in other words, identify a particular behavior (i.e. % gain, % loss) for a particular day in history, or for a set of days or range of days
- Show historical data following a particular behavior (i.e. two years of open / close following a particular event, milestone or behavior)
- Has ability to "build" a portfolio using historical data based on various criteria (i.e. to test algorithms using historical data)
- Has interface to historical data to as many indices as possible

Any help is really appreciated, along with perspectives and thoughts on various tools.

THanks again!
1.2.3 - get raw historical data, export them in database, learn SQL language and do all of it by yourself.

Alternative (cheaper) - find charting service where customer support would be willing to listen your ideas. If they consider your ideas good they may implement them and you will have access to these filter as well as other traders

See examples of some stock filters done

On the same website above you will find number of indexes and charts with ability to scroll indexes far back in history. Plus volume and advance/decline data for indexes on their charts
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