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Default Forexcontrol - MT4 Forex Broker

I'm thinking of opening MT4 live trading account with the forex MT4 broker Forex Control | Trade Forex online with Asia Broker: India, China, Russia CFD markets . Can anybody guide me how to proceed with the broker. Currently Iam trading with their Metatrader 4 Demo Platform. Iam satisfied with the datafeeds as they provide lots of instruments to trade especially forex/ Indian CFD / US Equities / European CFD's. Still now i havent experienced any problem with their metatrader platform. But i just want to know some of my questions still in my mind which you would have experienced the same.

1)Is the Forexcontrol Broker supports multi-langugage customer support
2)Anyone trading with this broker for long term?
3)Do they provide good customer support?
4)Should i trade with Metatrader or with Forexcontrol Web Trader platform as Iam less familiar with Metatrader 4 platform.
5)Where i can get more knowledge on this Metatrader platform.
6)What is the risk involved as iam a newbie to forex trading. But iam not new to trading as i had similar trading experience in american stock markets

Can anyone answer before i start trading live? Can any one give a brief review?
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