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Default HLCS - Helicos BioSciences Corp. (NASDAQ)

Hey there Rants,

Been a while. I always like to come out and give you some details on a stock pick of mine. God knows they usually work out well, but you have to be patient and hold a bit. A month is good.

HLCS is a small company that came out with the most powerful and fastest DNA Sequencing machine ever built by man. The usual cost is in the hundreds of millions for DNA sequencing, because you need to have hundreds of lab techs and huge equipment, like the computers in the '50s.

HLCS is the like Apple, or Microsoft in the beginning of the '80s. They started selling a portable machine for single molecule dna sequencing, it's the size of a refrigerator, that only needs 3 lab techs and costs about 1 million. So, right now it takes 4 weeks and $50k to sequence someone's DNA with that. It could cost as low as $1000 and take a day with enough experience.

The machine uses reagents, yielding $300k/year per machine and sold by HLCS. Right now, they have about 7 machines delivered, and most of the clients are biotechnology companies that want to find hereditary diseases in the DNA and the solution to go with it. At this price, the machine is available world-wide for many research applications and DNA cures (aka prevention cures) is the future, and when an application is found these machines are going to be in every hospital on the planet. So, take it with a grain of salt, but I expect to see hundreds of these machines sold in the next year or so, with a 100% market share.

If you're not patient, consider this as a buyout target as well.

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