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Marketclub Review

In my experience trend following strategies and those focused around support and resistance levels have proven to be effective for a long period of time. It’s always a bit more complicated in practice, but after all the trend is your friend.  Having said that, a membership at Marketclub by INO is very much a trend following strategy, and a pretty decent one at that.

Marketclub has been around for many years now and seems to be quite popular among veteran and new traders alike. What you’ll get as a member is really a huge educational trading system with plenty of useful tools to help you both become a better trader, and find profitable trades.


Main Features of Marketclub

Trade Alerts

Trade alerts allow you to be notified of any changes like, new highs / lows, changes in trend score, breakouts, or when “Trade Triangles” have been issued for any of the symbols in your portfolio.

Trade Triangles

I’m not a big fan of 3rd party trading systems but Marketclub seems to have one of the best stock trading programs out there. The Trade Triangles are MarketClub’s proprietary indicators. This system uses a variety of timing thresholds to produce signals on three charting time frames. By confirming trends on more than one time frame, you are putting the mathematical odds in your favor of being on the winning side of that swing.

Premium Stock Charts

Marketclub’s streaming charts are in-browser full featured charts with all your favorite indicators. But what really sets them apart is that you can set your predetrmined indicators and trend lines and then watch for confirmation via the Trading Triangles. So if a big move is expected in an over-sold or over-bought stock, you’ll easily see the buy/sell points.

Data Central: Unlimited downloads for over 230,000 symbols

The Data Central tool allows you to access downloadable historical data for stocks and options. If you have a special trading program, spreadsheet, or back-testing solution, you can easily get historical data in comma-delimited, tab-delimited, or MetaStock format.


Smart Scan

Smart scan is great because it actually finds trades for you. Through its 24 diferent types of scans the tool looks through all of the stocks in INO’s database and identifies charting patterns that are poised for big upside moves. Scanned stocks receive a Chart Analysis Score ranging from +100 to -100 indiciating an uptrend or downtrend. They have several useful parameters to help you drill down on these stocks, and the results are also given a range of 5 “Go Lights”. If at least 4/5 lights green, a directional trade to the upside is expected.

Email Alerts

You can set threshholds for price and volume to be notified via email of any major moves up or down. Handy!

Talking Chart Technology

When you are viewing stock charts you can click on an icon and an audible voice will trigger to tell you what is going on in the stock market that day.

Member’s Blog

With Daily Market Updates, educational videos, and relevant market articles. You can share your thoughts with other MarketClub members and they answer questions from traders around the world.

Trade School: Online seminars from the world’s top trading experts

Trade School is your own personal trading university where you set the curriculum with some of the most well known professional traders in the world. Seminars include MP3 Audio with PDF workbooks that will have you following along with other well known trading experts. Courses cover trading techniques and details on foreign exchange, day trading, futures, stocks, options, psychology, and more.

Is Marketclub for you?

I really think all traders can benefit from Marketclub, especially those of the swing trading or buy and hold mind set. You’re really not getting a fly-by-night service here but rather a well run suite of tools by a professional company with solid information you can actually act on during the trading day. My only criticism is that the trading triangle indicators are sometimes a wee bit late, but for most users this will still be acceptable. Good luck!

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