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Denver Gold Forum 2012: Not Enough High-Quality Deposits – Brent Cook

Exploration Insight’s Brent Cook joins us from the 2012 Denver Gold Forum to discuss the current state of mining and exploration affairs. Citing an outright lack of high-quality deposits to replace what the majors are producing, Cook takes us through the big picture first, moving on to the junior miners, which he considers to be “the second part of this equation”. Although there exists a plethora of junior gold miners, most are trading at under $0.30 a share and have under 1.5M in the bank; citing two separate studies, Cook explains how this may be viewed as a positive by those fortunate enough to have money to invest in the higher-quality projects that will fill the void by the soon-to-be-disappearing and presumably lower-quality juniors. Brent Cook shares the rest of his thoughts on the current state of the mining industry. Be sure to stay tuned for continued coverage of the 2012 Denver Gold Forum. Kitco News, Sept. 10, 2012.

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