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TradeMiner Stocks 2.0 Review

TrademinerThe other day I talked about cyclical stocks, and how coveted they are to traders riding the swings. Today I’ll take a look at a tool that specializes in doing all the hard work of finding ALL these great opportunities, in just a few quick mouse clicks.

I was happy to recently receive a new 2.0 version of TradeMiner Stocks with a data update for 2012. TradeMiner is stock analytics software by Lan Turner (Editor at PitNews) and the guys at Gecko Software, Inc. They have a trio of apps that analyze the markets covering Forex, Futures, and Stocks, the latter of which I will be talking about here.

TradeMiner Stocks provides some incredibly valuable data, that up until now, was very difficult to obtain. In fact I don’t know of any other way to get this data, aside from doing it by hand. Essentially TradeMiner analyzes millions of past trades on the NYSE and NASDAQ and hunts for reliable seasonal cycles, patterns, or other trends. This sounds straightforward but the results are bound to astonish you!

As an example let’s take Macy’s (NYSE:M), an old favorite cyclical often used as a barometer for the retail sector. I tell TradeMiner to scour the last decade of trades on Macy’s and only show me trades that made money 95% of the time, and lasted less than 60 days. So we want a short term trade with a real track record of winning. See results below, click for a larger image.

TradeMiner in Action

TradeMiner shows me the best entry/exit dates, a reliable stop loss %, expected profit, and gobs of other useful data. In the image above the highlighted upcoming trade for Apr 2nd – Apr 9th has been successful 100% of the time over the last decade. Not too shabby!

TrademinerYou can try TradeMiner risk free! If you don’t like it for any reason they have a no questions asked 60 day money back policy

 TradeMiner v2.0 now $97 or 50% off via this link

You’ll really be amazed to see how many cyclical trades you can find with the Trade Miner. It has definitely given my own trading a powerful edge. Some users have claimed that TradeMiner increases your odds of winning a trade to 8.5 times out of ten. I can’t attest to that, but I can say that now that it’s in my arsenal, I would not want to be without it. Check out their promo video for more details.

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